Trust-Based Selling: Using Customer Focus and Collaboration to Build Long-Term Relationships

  • 3h 56m 30s
  • Charles H. Green
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2007

Buyers prefer to buy from people they trust. However, salespeople are often mistrusted. Trust-Based Selling shows how trust between buyer and seller is created and explains how both sides benefit from it.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: How Buyers Buy
  • Chapter 2: Trust-Based Selling
  • Chapter 3: The Business Case for Trust
  • Chapter 4: A Primer On Trust
  • Chapter 5: Trust Is Not a Business Process
  • Chapter 6: Live The Principles
  • Chapter 7: Sell By Doing, Not By Telling
  • Chapter 8: Avoid Mistakes In The Trust Creation Process
  • Chapter 9: Check Your Ego At The Door
  • Chapter 10: The Relationship Is Not The Sum Of The Transactions
  • Chapter 11: The New ABCs: Don't Always Be Closing
  • Chapter 12: Build Trust Into Your Negotiations
  • Chapter 13: Be A Radical Truth-Teller
  • Chapter 14: Pick The Right Customers
  • Chapter 15: Answering The Six Toughest Sales Questions
  • Chapter 16: The High Cost Of Winning
  • Chapter 17: Attitude and Other Obstacles To Trust In Selling
  • Chapter 18: Teach Product People Sales Or Teach Salespeople Product?
  • Chapter 19: Differentiation By Selling, Not Branding
  • Chapter 20: Talking Straight About Price
  • Chapter 21: Dealing With RFPs and Purchasing Agents
  • Chapter 22: Killing Trust With Measurements and Rewards