Ubuntu! An Inspiring Story About an African Tradition of Teamwork and Collaboration

  • 3h 35m 7s
  • Bob Nelson, Stephen Lundin
  • The Random House Audio Publishing Group
  • 2010

John Peterson, a new manager in the credit department at a major big-box retailer, is struggling in his job. The people under him are not working as well or effectively as they need to, and his department is falling behind in meeting its goals. His only solution is to take on more work himself, burning the midnight oil and coming in most weekends to pick up the slack and keep his department above water.

When one of the employees stays behind to help him—a young man who came to America from a small village in Africa—he learns of the ancient wisdom and hidden power of the African philosophy of Ubuntu. Before long, it begins to change the way he thinks about the people he works with, about himself, and about how he runs his department and his life.

In this Audiobook

  • BullsEye Financial Center, Barrington, Illinois
  • Barb Talk Straight
  • Ubuntu
  • Schaumburg, Illinois
  • Simon is Hurting
  • Memorial Day Weekend, BullsEye, Barrington
  • Simon and John Finish the Rework
  • Being Busy is No Excuse for Avoiding the Thing That Matter Most
  • A Conversation at the Mall
  • The Meeting John Feared
  • Simon and John Revisit Ubuntu
  • People are People Where Ever You Find Them
  • John Looks for Something in Which He Can Believe
  • John Tries Again at Work
  • Our People Matter Awards Ceremony
  • The Coffee Shop across from BullsEye Headquarter
  • The Call Ride Back to Barrington
  • The African Trip Winners Meet
  • Bakubung Lodge and Pilanesberg National Game Park
  • An African Bush Drive
  • Dinner under the Stars
  • Soweto, South Africa
  • Ubuntu Best Known Practitioners
  • Simon's Surprise
  • Insight in Africa
  • Two Level of Recognition
  • John Discusses His Personal Challenges
  • John Updates Nancy
  • John's Plan
  • My Guide to Team Development and Building a Community of Purpose
  • Question Work
  • Team Africa's First Planning Meeting
  • Flipchart Pages
  • Our Vision for BullsEye
  • Our Ubuntu Plan
  • Flipchart
  • John Calls a Staff Meeting
  • Final Preparation for the Corporate Presentation
  • John Gives Nancy a Progress Report
  • John Begins His Most Ambitious Project
  • The Corporate Presentation
  • John and Simon Tell Their Story
  • The CEO Adds His Story
  • In the Aftermath of the Presentation
  • Ubuntu Growth Opportunities
  • Six Months Later
  • A Year Later in Barrington
  • Simon Says Farewell