Unconventional Leadership: What Henry Ford and Detroit Taught Me about Reinvention and Diversity

  • 5h 39m 35s
  • Nancy M. Schlichting
  • Gildan Media
  • 2015

What does it take to lead the successful turnaround of four consecutive organizations? What does it take to run a $5 billion business in Detroit as the city struggles to emerge from municipal bankruptcy and its worst ongoing crisis ever? What does it take to be a female CEO who has come up against discrimination and personal attack? It takes Unconventional Leadership, a style of leadership based on confronting reality and leading headlong through adversity. In this inspiring story, innovative LGBT leader Nancy Schlichting, the CEO of Henry Ford Health System, reveals her unique strategies that drive success: maintaining a focus on people, creating a culture of innovation and reinvention, and embracing diversity as a key strategy for growth.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: Risk Rejection and Be Bold in Your Career
  • Chapter 2: Learn to Turn It Around
  • Chapter 3: Use Quality to Achieve High Performance: The Baldrige Framework
  • Chapter 4: Find the Disrupters in Your Organization—and Listen to Them
  • Chapter 5: Make a Large Company Feel Small
  • Chapter 6: Being Different: The Strength of Diversity
  • Chapter 7: Detroit: Partner for Renewal
  • Chapter 8: Face the Future