Vision Statement: A Blind Man's View of Life from the Inside Out

  • 4h 49m 9s
  • Tom Sullivan
  • Blackstone Audio, Inc. dba Blackstone Publishing
  • 2022

Life as experienced from the inside out, rather than the outside in, offers us a path to the elimination of labels that cripple our ability to love and care for each other with open hearts and open minds.

With a life in show business touched by relationships with stars like Michael Landon, Robin Williams, and the incomparable Betty White, Tom’s personal stories weave a tapestry that offer the listener concrete examples of his unique approach to inside-out vision. From the celebration of four glorious senses to the application of the power of instinct, Tom believes that we are all given the ability to expand every element of what it means to be truly alive. By accepting challenges as opportunity rather than failure, we can learn to turn all disadvantages into advantages and face those critical turning points that are common to all of us. Along the twisting highway of his personal journey, Tom has discovered the passion that fills him with the joy of purpose and the appreciation for the people he has been blessed to know. At a time when we are being torn apart by unspeakable violence, social injustice, and political cronyism, this book stands as a beacon of hope reminding us of the light that shines out from inside each of us, illuminating the unlimited possibilities of the human spirit to achieve greatness.

About the Author

Tom Sullivan, who lost his sight as an infant, is an actor, singer, author, and producer. He has been nominated for Emmy awards and has written more than a dozen books for youths and adults. --This text refers to the audioCD edition.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Origins
  • Chapter 2 - Common Senses
  • Chapter 3 - Labels
  • Chapter 4 - Disadvantage to Advantage
  • Chapter 5 - Self-Worth
  • Chapter 6 - Focus
  • Chapter 7 - Challenge
  • Chapter 8 - Balance
  • Chapter 9 - Inspiration
  • Chapter 10 - Discipline
  • Chapter 11 - Turning Points
  • Chapter 12 - Laughter
  • Chapter 13 - Authenticity
  • Chapter 14 - Instinct/intuition
  • Chapter 15 - Pride
  • Chapter 16 - Purpose
  • Chapter 17 - Passion
  • Chapter 18 - People
  • Chapter 19 - My Vision Statement