Who Rocked the Boat?: A Story about Navigating the Inevitability of Change

  • 38m 33s
  • Curtis Bateman
  • Gildan Media
  • 2023

In this FranklinCovey book on responding to change, explore your own experiences with change using a river journey parable as a point of reference. Take this voyage and discover timeless principles and timely results from an industry leader who has helped numerous organizations turn disruptive change into individual and collective opportunity.

We all travel along various rivers in life, which means at any moment we can find ourselves navigating their uncertainty—whether a global pandemic, a new boss, a shift in employment, business restructuring, a new role on a team, the birth of a child, divorce, or responding to a setback on a project or personal goal.

Change is going to happen. It's a fact of life. Understanding your reactions and making good choices could make the difference between capitalizing on an opportunity or resisting and missing an important chance.

While every change is unique, there is a predictable pattern to change, and understanding this pattern and building the skills to navigate it is often the difference between success and failure. The FranklinCovey Change Model provides the structure necessary to orient, ground, and gain clarity about change.

About the Author

Curtis Bateman, with over 25 years of experience in the training industry, is an internationally recognized presenter, content developer, change consultant, business leader, and coach. His passion for enabling organizations ‘at change’ was established early on, resulting in the co-creation of a number of transformative, industry-leading solutions, including Change Element, Leaders@Change, Managing Millennials, Millennials @Work, and the Change Practitioner.

Curtis’ career has taken him all over the world, engaging in high impact work with global accounts such as Disney, Etisalat in UAE, and Bloomberg, to today overseeing the success of FranklinCovey’s international division.

This experience across continents is invaluable to his ability to connect with individuals, informing a thoughtful, intentional, and inclusive approach to delivery that empowers others to bring their best—whatever their geography or industry.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Change Conversation Starters
  • Who Rocked the Boat? Reflection
  • The Change Process Is Not a Mystery