Winning With People: Discover the People Principles That Work for You Every Time

  • 3h 12m 14s
  • John C. Maxwell
  • Thomas Nelson
  • 2005

Relationships are at the heart of every positive human experience. Maxwell, a master communicator and relational expert, makes learning about relationships accessible to everyone. The most sophisticated leaders and salespeople will pick up on skills that will make them even better, and relational novices will learn skills that can transform them into relational dynamos.

In this Audiobook

  • The Lens Principle—Who We are Determines How We See others
  • The Mirror Principle—The First Person We Must Examine is Ourselves
  • The Pain Principle—Hurting People Hurt People and are Easily Hurt by Them
  • The Hammer Principle—Never Use a Hammer to Swat a Fly Off Someone's Head
  • The Elevator Principle—We Can Lift People up or Take People down in Our Relationships
  • The Big Picture Principle—The Entire Population of the World—with One Minor EXCEPTION—Is Composed of Others
  • The Exchange Principle—Instead of Putting Others in Their Place, We Must Put Ourselves in Their Place
  • The Learning Principle—Each Person We Meet Has the Potential to Teach Us Something
  • The Charisma Principle—People are Interested in the Person Who Isinterested in Them
  • The Number 10 Principle—Believing the Best in People Usually Brings the Best Out of People
  • The Confrontation Principle—Caring for People Should Precede Confronting People
  • The Bedrock Principle—Trust is the Foundation of Any Relationship
  • The Situation Principle—Never Let the Situation Mean More than the Relationship
  • The Bob Principle—When Bob Has a Problem with Everyone, Bob is Usually the Problem
  • The Approachability Principle—Being at Ease with Ourselves Helps others Be at Ease with Us
  • The Foxhole Principle—When Preparing for Battle, Dig a Hole Big Enough for a Friend
  • The Gardening Principle—All Relationships Need Cultivation
  • The 101 Percent Principle—Find the 1 Percent We Agree on and Give it 100 Percent of Our Effort
  • The Patience Principle—The Journey with others is Slower than the Journey Alone
  • The Celebration Principle—The True Test of Relationships is not Only How Loyal We are When Friends Fail, but How Thrilled We are When They Succeed
  • The High Road Principle—We Go to a Higher Level When We Treat others Better than They Treat Us
  • The Boomerang Principle—When We Help Others, We Help Ourselves
  • The Partnership Principle—Working Together Increases the Odds of Winning Together
  • The Satisfaction Principle—In Great Relationships, the Joy of Being Together is Enough


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