Work With Me: The 8 Blind Spots Between Men and Women in Business

  • 7h 16m 30s
  • Barbara Annis, John Gray
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2013

Work With Me is the timely collaboration of two of the world's foremost authorities on gender relations. Barbara Annis, world-renowned expert on gender issues in the workplace, and John Gray, author of the number-one relationship book of all time, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, team up to resolve the most stressful and confusing challenges facing men and women at work. Annis and Gray reveal, for the first time, survey results of over 100,000 in-depth interviews of men and women executives in over 60 Fortune 500 companies.

Listeners will discover the Eight Gender Blind Spots, the false assumptions and opinions men and women have of each other, and in many ways, believe of themselves. Through research, science, and stories, Annis and Gray expose the blind spots that cause our misunderstandings, miscommunications, mistrust, resentment, and frustrations at work. Listeners will discover the biology and social influences that compel men and women to think and act as they do, and direct how they communicate, solve problems, make decisions, resolve conflict, lead others, and deal with stress, enabling them to achieve greater success and satisfaction in their professional and personal lives.

Work With Me is the definitive work-life relational guide, filled with "ah-ha!" moments and discoveries that will remove the blind spots and enable men and women to work and succeed together.

In this Audiobook

  • ONE Are We Really the Same?
  • TWO Do Women Want Men to Change?
  • THREE Do Men Appreciate Women?
  • FOUR Are Women Being Excluded?
  • FIVE Do Men Have to Walk on Eggshells with Women?
  • SIX Do Women Ask Too Many Questions?
  • SEVEN Do Men Listen?
  • EIGHT Are Women Too Emotional?
  • NINE Are Men Insensitive?
  • TEN Building Trust with Women, Increasing Credibility with Men
  • ELEVEN Bridging Our Different Values
  • TWELVE Achieving Work-Personal Life Harmony