Work, Your Way: Reinvent Yourself, Create the Life You Want and Thrive as a Consultant

  • 5h 59m 43s
  • Lisa Hufford
  • HarperCollins Leadership
  • 2021

Build your successful consultant life doing the work you love, on your terms utilizing the practical tips, inspiration, and straightforward advice from recognized new world of work visionary and thought leader, Lisa Hufford.

Professionals want freedom and flexibility in the work they do, and they have more options than ever before to create the work & life they want on their own terms. They want to make work fit their lives—not the other way around.

Lisa’s promise is that consulting is a viable alternative to traditional full-time employment, and you have everything you need to make it happen.

Equal parts actionable and inspirational, this is the definitive guide for beginner and experienced consultants. Lisa teaches you how to successfully step off the corporate career ladder and transition to doing the work you love, on your terms. Grounded in Lisa’s experience trading a high-powered corporate career for the freedom and flexibility of consulting, building an award-winning consultancy, and helping thousands of professionals make the same switch, this book enables professionals to redesign their lives and create opportunity in the future of work.

This book will enable you to:

  • Understand the current future of work landscape, what consulting is, why people choose it, and assess whether it’s for you
  • Build your foundation by defining your personal brand, identifying the work you love to do and your ideal client, and learning the art of the rate
  • Create your flywheel by landing a contract, setting yourself up for success, delivering excellence, and taking time to reflect and refresh.

People who follow these practical, simple steps will learn how to discover their personal brand, identify the work they love to do right now, explore how to do more of that work, and ultimately, create a life with meaning and purpose.

About the Author

Recognized as a visionary and thought leader, Lisa Hufford, Founder & CEO Simplicity Consulting, is on a mission to help everyone thrive in the new world of work. She speaks and writes about personal brand, business consulting and the future of work.

Building businesses is her passion. After fourteen years managing and growing strategic multi-million-dollar accounts for corporations, she founded Simplicity Consulting in 2006 to help people find significance and success at work. Her journey to discover an alternative career path inspired her to help talented professionals do the work they love, while helping busy managers achieve their goals faster. Simplicity Consulting provides enterprise marketing services to leading technology companies and has been an INC 5000 fastest growing company five years in a row and included in Puget Sound Business Journals largest WA state privately woman owned companies list. Lisa has been selected as an EY Winning Woman and an INC top 10 female entrepreneur.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Change Creates Options
  • Chapter 2 - Is Consulting for You?
  • Chapter 3 - Build Your Personal Brand
  • Chapter 4 - Define the Work that Fits Your Life
  • Chapter 5 - Master the Art of the Rate
  • Chapter 6 - Land Your Contract
  • Chapter 7 - Set Yourself Up for Success
  • Chapter 8 - Deliver Excellence
  • Chapter 9 - Reflect and Refresh
  • Conclusion