World Class Communication: How Great CEOs Win with the Public, Shareholders, Employees, and the Media

  • 7h 20m 2s
  • Ken Scudder, Virgil Scudder
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2020

Proven advice for communicating effectively before the media, customers, employees, and investor relations

Many executives focus too narrowly on the financial side of their business and neglect the importance of communicating with their employees, the media, and the public. World Class Communication equips you with crisis lessons, procedures, and examples that could help your company save millions of dollars through proper preparation and response. The must-have audiobook every CEO needs, World Class Communication is packed with examples of good and bad handling of countless situations and expert instruction on how to manage them without breaking into a sweat.

  • Reveals the keys to successful shareholder communication
  • Tips for winning in the media - every time out
  • Expert tips for developing powerful public speaking techniques
  • Discover how to rally employee support and performance through communication

There is a great, and often irrational, fear of the media among CEOs, with too few executives truly knowing how to deliver a message effectively in an interview. World Class Communication delivers the necessary tools and techniques you need to communicate your message to your target audience - from shareholder meetings to corporate communications to handling crises.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - The Scudder Method
  • Chapter 2 - You are a Brand: Make it the Right One
  • Chapter 3 - Active Listening: A Critical Management Tool
  • Chapter 4 - Customs, Culture, and Language Count: Engage Humbly
  • Chapter 5 - Where's the CCO?
  • Chapter 6 - Words Matter
  • Chapter 7 - Be Strong: Apologize
  • Chapter 8 - Investors: Handle with Care
  • Chapter 9 - Employees: A Vital Audience
  • Chapter 10 - CEOs and Boards: Times Have Changed
  • Chapter 11 - The News Media: Opportunity and Peril
  • Chapter 12 - Winning in the Media
  • Chapter 13 - Media Training: A Modern Day Necessity
  • Chapter 14 - Public Speaking: Power, Persuasion, and Good Will
  • Chapter 15 - Winning at the Lectern
  • Chapter 16 - Fielding the Questions: Challenge and Opportunity
  • Chapter 17 - Speechwriter and Speaker: A Critical Alliance
  • Chapter 18 - Humor: A Powerful Tool, but Handle with Care
  • Chapter 19 - The Role of Philanthropy: Doing Well by Doing Good
  • Chapter 20 - Advocating for Your Company
  • Chapter 21 - Crisis: A CEO's Supreme Test
  • Chapter 22 - Hostile Takeovers: The Wolf at the Door
  • Chapter 23 - Turnarounds: Righting the Ship
  • Chapter 24 - Government Hearings: Don't Be Nervous. Don't Be Flustered. Be Prepared.