You Did What?! The Biggest Blunders Professionals Make

  • 2h 44m 33s
  • Kerry Preston, Kim Zoller
  • Gildan Media
  • 2016

If your answer to any of the following questions is YES, listen to this audio book now.

  • Have you ever been unsure as to who should be introduced first?
  • Have you ever placed your keys, purse, or cell phone on a table at a restaurant?
  • Have you ever worn your name tag on your left lapel?
  • Have you ever buttered your entire dinner roll before taking the first bite?
  • Have you ever sat down to dine and not known which glass was yours?
  • Have you ever been in a small talk situation and not known what to discuss?
  • Have you ever played with change in your pockets while talking with another person?
  • Have you ever been uncomfortable because of the way you were dressed?
  • Have you ever wondered when and what type of gifts to get your business associates?
  • Have you ever wondered about the correct protocol regarding your business card?

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: Big Blunder 1—Forgetting to Stay One Step Ahead
  • Chapter 2: Big Blunder 2—Using Body Language Improperly
  • Chapter 3: Big Blunder 3—Being Sloppy With Written and Verbal Correspondence
  • Chapter 4: Big Blunder 4—Breaking the Rules for Introductions
  • Chapter 5: Big Blunder 5—Making Small Talk and Networking Inappropriately
  • Chapter 6: Big Blunder 6—Forgetting Names
  • Chapter 7: Big Blunder 7—Lacking Technology Etiquette
  • Chapter 8: Big Blunder 8—Cubicle Mayhem
  • Chapter 9: Big Blunder 9—Failing to Follow the Guidelines for Professional Dress
  • Chapter 10: Big Blunder 10—Lacking Meeting Etiquette
  • Chapter 11: Big Blunder 11—Being Unprepared for Interviews
  • Chapter 12: Big Blunder 12—Using Poor Telephone Etiquette and Protocol
  • Chapter 13: Big Blunder 13—Choosing the Wrong Gift
  • Chapter 14: Big Blunder 14—Lacking Professionalism While Traveling
  • Chapter 15: Big Blunder 15—Lacking Global Awareness and Maturity
  • Chapter 16: Big Blunder 16—The Unprofessional Intern
  • Chapter 17: Ask Kim and Kerry: Answers to Sticky Situations
  • Chapter 18: You Are Your Competitive Advantage
  • Chapter 19: Your Action Plan for Continued Success