You May Also Like: Taste in an Age of Endless Choice

  • 9h 5m 28s
  • Tom Vanderbilt
  • The Random House Audio Publishing Group
  • 2016

From the best-selling author of Traffic, an enlightening and illuminating look at why we like the things we like, why we hate the things we hate, and what our preferences reveal about us.

Why is showing up to work wearing the same outfit as a coworker so embarrassing? Why do we venerate so many artists who were controversial or ignored during their lifetimes? What makes an ideal cat an ideal cat, or an ideal beer an ideal beer, in the eyes of expert judges? From the tangled underpinnings of our food taste to our unsettling insecurity before unfamiliar works of art to the complex dynamics of our playlists and the pop charts, our preferences and opinions are constantly being shaped by countless forces. And in the digital age, a nonstop procession of "thumbs-up" and "likes" and "stars" is helping dictate our choices. Taste has moved online - there are more ways than ever for us, and companies, to see what and how we are consuming.

If you've ever wondered how Netflix recommends movies, how to spot a fake Yelp review, or why books often see a sudden decline in Amazon ratings after they win a major prize, Tom Vanderbilt has answers to these questions and many more that you've probably never thought to ask. With a voracious curiosity, Vanderbilt stalks the elusive beast of taste, probing research in psychology, marketing, and neuroscience to answer myriad complex and fascinating questions. Comprehensively researched and singularly insightful, You May Also Like is a joyous intellectual journey that helps us better understand how we perceive, judge, and appreciate the world around us.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - What Would You Like? Thinking About Our Taste for Food
  • Chapter 2 - The Fault is Not in Our Stars, But in Ourselves: Liking in a Networked Age
  • Chapter 3 - How Predictable is Our Taste? What Your Playlist Says About You (And What You Say About Your Playlist)
  • Chapter 4 - How Do We Know What We Like? The Ecstasies and Anxieties of Art
  • Chapter 5 - Why (And How) Tastes Change
  • Chapter 6 - Beer, Cats, and Dirt: How Do Experts Decide What's Good?