You Said What?! The Biggest Communication Mistakes Professionals Make

  • 2h 57m 17s
  • Kerry Preston, Kim Zoller
  • Gildan Media
  • 2015

Communication is a measure of how we are heard. It's not about us; it is about how the other person perceives our message. If you are not where you should be in your career, the problem may very well be how you communicate.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: Big Mistake 1—Not Being on Your A-Game
  • Chapter 2: Big Mistake 2—Not Beginning With the End in Mind
  • Chapter 3: Big Mistake 3—Not Knowing Your Personal Brand
  • Chapter 4: Big Mistake 4—Not Managing Perceptions
  • Chapter 5: Big Mistake 5—Not Connecting and Building Relationships
  • Chapter 6: Big Mistake 6—Not Making Appropriate Small Talk
  • Chapter 7: Big Mistake 7—Meltdown of Communication Through Technology Use
  • Chapter 8: Big Mistake 8—Not Managing Your Social Networking
  • Chapter 9: Big Mistake 9—Lack of Awareness of Communication Stallers and Stoppers
  • Chapter 10: Big Mistake 10—Making Assumptions
  • Chapter 11: Big Mistake 11—Not Focusing on the Details
  • Chapter 12: Big Mistake 12—Not Giving and Receiving Precise Feedback
  • Chapter 13: Big Mistake 13—Not Adapting to Different Communication Styles
  • Chapter 14: Big Mistake 14—Not Reacting Professionally
  • Chapter 15: Big Mistake 15—Bloopers and Blunders: Saying and Doing the Wrong Thing
  • Chapter 16: Big Mistake 16—Ask Kim and Kerry: Answers to Sticky Situations
  • Chapter 17: Big Mistake 17—Not Communicating Value
  • Chapter 18: Big Mistake 18—Your Action Plan for Continued Success