Your Self-Sabotage Survival Guide: How to Go From Why Me? to Why Not?

  • 6h 41m 11s
  • Karen Berg
  • Gildan Media
  • 2015

Do you feel like everyone around you is getting ahead while you're stuck in the same old rut?

And do you blame everyone and everything for your situation--except yourself?

Many of us walk around engaging in negative behaviors and mindsets, and don't even realize we're doing it. Every day, people work harder and harder to get--nowhere.

It's time to stop being second-rate; it's time to be great! With more than 25 years in the trenches, motivational expert Karen Berg shows you how to transcend the ordinary and become extraordinary with this firm, tough-love program about getting to the point, getting what you want, and getting ahead.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: Your Biggest Obstacle: YOU!
  • Chapter 2: Get Over Yourself
  • Chapter 3: Attitude
  • Chapter 4: Focus
  • Chapter 5: Appearance
  • Chapter 6: Image
  • Chapter 7: Voice
  • Chapter 8: Aptitude
  • Chapter 9: Ambition
  • Chapter 10: Faith