Your Ultimate Success Plan: Stop Holding Yourself Back and Get Recognized, Rewarded and Promoted

  • 6h 48m 24s
  • Tamara Jacobs
  • Gildan Media
  • 2015

Somewhere between self-help and self-promotion lies self-awareness and advancement. Your Ultimate Success Plan is a book that provides surprisingly easy-to-apply business strategies in an approachable, actionable, authentic way and encourages you to find your voice and realize your potential.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: Success Is a Planned Event!
  • Chapter 2: Don't Honk the Wrong Horn! Being True to Your Brand
  • Chapter 3: Cinderella Had a Fairy Godmother: You Don't!
  • Chapter 4: Apology Not Accepted
  • Chapter 5: Say What You Mean: Not What You Think They Want to Hear
  • Chapter 6: Sharing Is for Sissies: Directing Desired Outcomes
  • Chapter 7: Vent with a Purpose
  • Chapter 8: Assertive, Not Aggressive: Nobody Likes a Bitch
  • Chapter 9: What Goes Around, Comes Around
  • Chapter 10: Don't Be Invisible: You Never Get More Than You Ask For
  • Chapter 11: Right Ladder, Wrong Wall
  • Chapter 12: The Essence of I.C.E.D.
  • Chapter 13: Advancing in the 21st Century: “Who and How” in the “New and Now”
  • Chapter 14: It's Showtime!


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