Zero Resistance Selling: Achieve Extraordinary Sales Results Using the World-Renowned Techniques of Psycho-Cybernetics

  • 6h 40m 3s
  • Maxwell Maltz
  • Gildan Media
  • 2015

Zero-Resistance Selling is your guide to literally "reprogramming" your own self-image to help you attain your loftiest selling and career goals. You'll find step-by-step strategies to harness the power of your imagination to wipe away resistance to your sales presentations ... become an irresistible "master closer" ... conquer self-defeating habits ... and use stress to your advantage.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter One: How to Conquer Call Reluctance
  • Chapter Two: How to Anticipate and Easily Eliminate Stalls and Objections
  • Chapter Three: Selling Successfully When You're in Over Your Head
  • Chapter Four: How to Be Confident and Persuasive in Group Presentations and Public Speaking
  • Chapter Five: How to Zoom Out of a Selling Slump
  • Chapter Six: How to Be a Master Closer in Selling
  • Chapter Seven: How to Enjoy Happiness and Peace of Mind as a Professional Salesperson
  • Chapter Eight: How to Enjoy Financial Success in a Life of Professional Selling
  • Chapter Nine: The Zero-Resistance Experience: Eight Steps to Creating Your Own Zero-Resistance Selling Experience
  • Chapter Ten: How to Use The Power of Networking to Enhance Your Zero-Resistance Selling Experience