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4 Steps to Provide CompTIA Continuing Education

May 14, 2021 | by Greg Fuller

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How to Renew CompTIA Certification

If you hold many certifications, the CPE renewal process can be challenging and overwhelming at times.

I have been CompTIA (A+, Network+, Security+, Linux+, and Project+) certified since 1998 and CISSP certified since 2006. In both cases, taking on these was an attempt to challenge myself. Getting A+ certified was the license to enter IT when I first got started. While earning my CISSP was because I had been working in IT for years, and this was a challenge to prove I had the skills for what was - at the time - a rare security designation. In this post, I will discuss how I maintain my CompTIA credentials and, in a future post, talk about maintaining my CISSP.

Anyone knows the CompTIA story. CompTIA transitioned from lifelong certifications to requiring your certification to be renewed every three years. If you know about the original CompTIA program, you also know that they transitioned to their current Continuing Education program a few years ago, which I elected to join.

For CompTIA, you have the following options. You can either retake your exam if you want to relive the fun or do any of the following to earn CEUs.

  1. Earn Non-CompTIA IT industry certifications
  2. Complete training and higher education
  3. Participate in IT industry activities
  4. Publish a relevant article, white paper, blog post, or book
  5. Gain related work experience

From a learners perspective finding the time and a good source of content is always a challenge. If you are looking to keep a team with updated credentials, you want to make sure you can provide them with a reliable source. Here are the steps you need to maintain your credential.


CompTIA does a great job at outlining the requirements for their different certifications in terms of the number of CPEs required for each credential. Taking training is the easiest path to renewal and this is where we help make things easy for you.


Once you understand your requirements, Skillsoft can help you with either retaking your exam or we have endless courses that can be leveraged for CPEs. For example, not only do we offer CompTIA training, but our role-based security journeys could be used to help maintain your credentials. Thus, allowing you to work towards the knowledge needed for a new role and your continuing education credits at the same time.


One pro tip I always like to share if you are like me and hold multiple certifications is choosing courses that can apply to multiple exams. Look at your most advanced credential and choose CPEs for that one, and those same training hours can be used for your lower credentials. Let’s say you are looking to maintain your A+, Security+, PenTest+, you can take our new CASP+ courses and maintain all of your credentials at once with one course.


Login to your CompTIA account and submit your CPEs. You simply submit the course details and proof of completion. I usually simply submit a link to my completion badges.


Whether you are looking for training for your team or yourself, we offer an easy solution that takes the stress away from finding the training you need for all CompTIA credentials. This keeps your team from having to search for and locate training on their own independently.

One of the significant advantages a company like Skillsoft provides is that it makes the CompTIA certification renewal process easy with virtually unlimited options. Providing one source for learners to work on both certification prep and also training credits. Regardless of the path, learning methods such as courses, Bootcamps, labs, TestPreps, books, and mentoring can help earn your credits.

Skillsoft helps take the pressure off while keeping things interesting for you by providing seemingly fewer options. We can help you adapt your edge, keep up to date, and maintain your certifications.

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