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Reuniting learners in the flow of work

October 5, 2021 | by Potoula Chresomales, Senior Vice President of Product Management

Have you ever come across an ah-ha moment while learning on the job — one that was too important to keep to yourself?

Pre-pandemic, your revelation may have happened at the office. You learned something, hopped up from your chair, and walked over to a colleague’s desk. “Hey, you know that issue we’ve been having with our project? Check out what I just learned!”

That kind of knowledge exchange might feel like a distant memory, but it was never gone for good; it just needed a new pandemic-era home.

We’ve been watching as our customers’ employees adapted the flow of their work into digital environments. True, office shutdowns stifled interpersonal connection. But great minds were still meeting and collaborating; they just shifted to video calls, chat tools, and virtual workspaces.

But even then, something was missing.

When it came to learning, employees were still building skills — but they were doing it alone and craving connection. So, our customers told us: We need you to build a digital platform where our workforces can learn together, too.

I’m excited to announce that we’ve created a solution. Our customers can restore the sense of community that empowers learners to build, share, and apply knowledge together, with the newly-launched Skillsoft Percipio app for Microsoft Teams.

With today’s launch, Skillsoft customers can access the Percipio learning experience platform’s full suite of capabilities within Microsoft Teams, a social, collaborative environment that connects 145 million daily worldwide users. Here’s a preview of what our new app can do:

  • Learning in the flow of work: Using Percipio for Teams, L&D professionals can enable employees to learn in the format, schedule, and structure that’s right for them. With help from our chatbot, learners can quickly find and launch courses, videos, coding sandboxes, or whatever their jobs call for at the moment — without ever leaving Teams.
  • Learning in the flow of community: Percipio for Teams lets employees quickly share helpful learning content with colleagues in impromptu chats, group meetings, brainstorm sessions, and more. Managers can create virtual learning groups using native Microsoft Teams features such as chat, channels, and teams. They can also recommend, assign, and foster discussion around content.
  • Learning in the flow of the organization: L&D professionals can create learner cohorts and assign to them Skillsoft’s role- and skill-based learning paths, called Aspire Journeys. At each step of the way, learners can ask questions, share ideas, work together, and apply their growing knowledge toward the organization’s most pressing needs.

The notion of learning together has a new meaning in a pandemic-altered workplace. And that’s only going to continue when the future of work ushers in a mix of remote-, hybrid-, and office-based coworking. But with the Skillsoft Percipio app for Microsoft Teams, our customers can engage their workforces in a community-driven platform where employees will do more than learn – they'll adapt and evolve together, gaining the future-fit skills the enterprise needs to compete and thrive.

Learn more about the Skillsoft Percipio app for Microsoft Teams.

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