Skillsoft Percipio for Microsoft Teams

Enjoy all of the benefits of the intelligent digital learning platform, Percipio, directly within Microsoft Teams.

Skillsoft will soon launch the Skillsoft Percipio App for Microsoft Teams, a transformative integration that will enable collaborative, social, and team-based learning experiences to help move people forward together. Microsoft transformed the flow of work. Now, with Skillsoft, we can realize the promise of learning in the flow of work. With the Skillsoft Percipio App for Microsoft Teams, we will meet you where you work to help you use the power of learning to build a more motivated, skilled, future-fit, and resilient workforce.

Learner Benefits

  • Drive Learner Adoption
    Stay in the flow of work through easy access to all of Percipio from within MS Teams. Learn where you work.
  • Enable Just-In-Time Learning
    Use the chatbot to easily search and filter through to find relevant content at the immediate time of need​.
  • Enable Social and Collaborative Learning
    Stay motivated and learn with a team or your peers by easily sharing and recommending learning with colleagues.

Manager Benefits

  • Team-based Learning
    Enable easy access to all of Percipio (role-based and skill-based learning paths, assignments, playlists, etc.) from MS Teams. Use existing Teams and channels to create groups, recommend learning to your team, and drive discussion.
  • Reskilling/Upskilling Program Cohorts
    Create a Team for a cohort of learners using role-based and skill-based learning paths or certifications for reskilling/upskilling; enable discussion and collaboration on projects​.
  • Leadership Development & Virtual Live Programs
    Create a Team for a cohort of learners where they can use social features to discuss and pin learning content for easy access​.

Within days of launching our pilot, we saw learners from across RELX’s four businesses interacting as we’d hoped — fully in line with our objective to enable communities of practice where colleagues from around the world collaborate to learn, share ideas, and solve challenges together.

Mary Glowacka

Global Lead, Digital Learning, RELX


  • What will I be able to do with the Skillsoft Percipio app for Microsoft Teams?​
    This will enable users to access Percipio directly from MS Teams, promoting learning in the flow of work, social sharing, team-based learning, and collaborative learning in cohorts.

  • Will there be an extra cost for the Skillsoft Percipio app for Microsoft Teams? ​
    The Percipio app for Microsoft Teams will be a new feature in the core Percipio platform. There will be no extra cost.

  • Will the activities my users do in the Skillsoft Percipio app for MS Teams sync to the rest of Percipio?
    Yes, all activity across all access points (web, mobile, ELSA, MS Teams) will sync. You can resume learning anywhere.

  • Where will I see user activity of the Skillsoft Percipio app for MS Teams?​
    The Executive Report will tell you how many of your users accessed the Percipio app for MS Teams. Their activity will be included with all your activity in all the reports and dashboards. This is just a new access point for your Percipio site. ​

  • Will my custom content, custom channels, custom Aspire Journeys, assignments be included?
    Learners will have one-click access to your entire Percipio site right from Teams including Skillsoft content, linked content, custom content, assignments, recommendations, admin-promoted content, digital badges, custom Aspire Journeys, custom Channels….everything. ​

  • Will all languages work in the Skillsoft Percipio app for Microsoft Teams?​
    For the content, you can change the language the same way you change it in Percipio. ​

  • Will this work with the Microsoft Teams mobile app?
    Yes, this will be rolled out after the initial launch.​
  • How will this be deployed?
    Similar to an app for your phone, this app can easily be installed organization-wide by IT. The actual installation will take less than 5 minutes. The Percipio app for MS Teams will exist in the official MS Teams app store. Skillsoft experts will be available to answer any security questions, and detailed documentation will be provided for your IT leader. ​​