Skillsoft Is Expanding Its Digital Transformation Course Collection

December 16, 2019 | Activate Learning | 5 min read
Skillsoft Is Expanding Its Digital Transformation Course Collection

The goal of data analysis is to provide solid, actionable evidence to guide and support business decisions. That evidence must then be delivered to stakeholders concisely and coherently. However, companies often struggle with not only understanding their data but also effectively analyzing it.

To ensure that our customers possess the required analytical skills to support business decisions, Skillsoft recently announced that it is expanding its existing Digital Transformation Collection. We have added three new comprehensive Data Science curricula, including Data-driven Decision Making (6 courses), Data and Analytics Literacy (4 courses), and Data and Analytics at Work (3 courses). All three curricula focus on the practical application of data and analytics necessary to succeed in moving teams and organizations forward. These microlearning courses are designed in partnership with the International Institute for Analytics (IIA), an independent research and advisory firm that works with organizations to build strong and competitive analytics programs.

“Most importantly, recognize that it is very hard in today’s world to stay too far ahead purely through “out analyzing” the same data that the competition is also analyzing. The ideal scenario, of course, is to combine novel data with novel analytics that make use of that data. Such efforts provide an amplification of value and competitive advantage beyond what data or analytics can provide individually. Organizations that figure out how to do this best will enjoy a double advantage.” - 2019 IIA ANALYTICS PREDICTIONS AND PRIORITIES, Bill Franks, IIA Chief Analytics Officer, Tom Davenport, Ph.D., IIA Co-founder, Advisor, And Author Bob Morison, IIA Research Advisor, December 2018

The first of these three curriculums, Data-driven Decision Making, has been available for a few months. Now, Skillsoft is pleased to announce the availability of our Data and Analytics Literacy and Data and Analytics at Work curricula. These seven courses feature modern and engaging instructional design and pragmatic application examples and assessments. This core instruction is complemented by a variety of additional assets that extend the learning, including full-text books, audiobooks, book summaries, and audiobook summaries. All of these learning resources are available through Skillsoft’s learning experience platform, Percipio.

Here’s a break-down of the seven new Data and Analytics courses:

Data and Analytics Literacy

Data Literacy for Business Professionals

As industries, enterprises, and jobs become more data-intensive, data literacy must advance. That requires understanding data types, what constitutes useful data, and how it is organized and managed.

In this course, you’ll learn the basics of data quality and management, and data privacy and governance. Also, you’ll discover how to exercise your data literacy through attention, stewardship, and data-driven decision making.

Analytics Literacy for Business Professionals

Data literacy and analytics go together. Analytics literacy, which is both conceptual and pragmatic, begins with an appreciation for how analytics transforms data into new insights.

In this course, you learn about the essence of analytics, the types of analytics outputs, and how enterprises become more analytical. You’ll also learn to recognize the limitations of analysis, how to avoid common analytical mistakes, and how to put your analytics skills into action.

Basic Analytical Methods

This course introduces the essential math and statistical concepts of basic analytics, enabling learners to better understand the analytics they use, and how to collaborate more effectively with analytics and data science professionals.

You’ll learn about distribution and deviation, correlations, and means comparisons, regression, clustering, and decision trees.

Working with Analysts

This course introduces the essential components of analytics and data science teams and initiatives. The objective is to upskill learners to participate effectively in analytics projects.

In this course, you’ll learn the roles and structure of the analyst team and how the analyst team works. You’ll also discover your roles in development, testing, and deployment.

Data and Analytics at Work

Data and Analytics Technologies at Work

This course introduces today’s technologies for delivering data and analytics, as well as the key considerations in technology selection and architecture. Learners will be better able to understand the technologies they use, the potential of the latest technologies, and how technologies must integrate to facilitate analytics solutions.

You’ll learn about data management technologies, analytics, and visualization software, analytics platforms, and advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Analytics by Function

Analytics are increasingly common and essential across the entire range of major business functions. This course introduces common applications across five major functions. Learners will become better acquainted with how analytics are deployed and how to find more opportunities for using analytics.

You’ll learn about analytics in marketing and sales, customer service, supply chain and manufacturing, product development, and human resources.

Understanding and Raising Analytics Maturity

Enterprises across multiple industries are investing heavily in their data and analytics capabilities. They want to understand how capable they are – especially compared to industry leaders – and how much progress they’re making. This course introduces widely accepted methodology for assessing an enterprise’s analytics maturity level, together with the telltale signals of what needs to be improved.

You’ll learn about business value and the necessity of assessing and raising analytics maturity, the DELTTAA framework, the Five Stages of Analytics Maturity, Locators, and forming an ongoing assessment and action plan.

Skillsoft’s unique data and analytics eLearning supports the necessary steps and practical application of data and analytics in today’s business decisions. Together, the three Data Science curriculums of Data-driven Decision Making, Data and Analytics Literacy, and Data and Analytics at Work provide the skills that business professionals need to inform, support, and drive business decisions.

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Nancy Santacesaria is a Project & Program Manager, Leadership, Business Skills, and Digital Transformation Content Solutions at Skillsoft.