August 3, 2022 | Reskill Your Workforce | 5 min read

Today, organizations are facing unprecedented compliance challenges. Constantly changing regulations due to government policies and current events makes it difficult to keep up.

If you're a global business, the problem is exponentially compounded. You may not have developed the ability to efficiently assess and adhere to international regulations or multiple types of compliance (safety, data privacy, corporate ethics, workplace harassment, legal, DE&I).

What's more, your employees may be struggling with training fatigue and time constraints.

That's why best practices around compliance must be baked into your company’s processes and procedures, resulting in accurate and regularly updated training that effectively mitigates risk. In other words, you need a single, efficient, safe solution for legal compliance and workplace safety training — one that engages your employees and builds confidence in their competency.

Canon Business Process Services has lived this firsthand.

As a market leader in digital transformation, business process optimization, document management, workplace experience and warehouse management services for over 40 years, Canon offers its clients intelligent outsourcing solutions for the fast-evolving future of work. A passion for achieving operational excellence and implementing innovative solutions, as well as delivering exceptional service to accelerate its clients’ growth has earned the company worldwide respect. And, with 16 consecutive years as a Global IAOP Leader, Canon has truly earned the trust of the Fortune 1000 companies it has served.

Keeping clients’ trust is paramount to Canon’s success. Working with sensitive business information of top organizations from finance to pharma, it is mission-critical to ensure all Canon’s employees have access to best-in-class compliance training — not only for the sake of its own safety, but for its clients’.

Implementing Comprehensive Compliance Training

The challenge? As a leading managed services company, Canon Business Process Services has more than 200 corporate regional employees in sales, HR, training, safety, legal, and more. And, with more than 3,000 employees scattered over 600 sites, implementing a comprehensive compliance program was a challenge.

Canon already offered live virtual training, but needed to supplement its compliance training program with easier access to course content due to different time zones, availability of resources to deliver training, and reduction in live training classes due to the pandemic.

Enter Skillsoft Percipio Compliance, an industry-leading compliance learning system that incorporates the power of Skillsoft’s intelligent learning platform, Skillsoft Percipio, with the robust compliance administrative capabilities, analytics, and functionality needed to meet Canon’s complex needs.

With Skillsoft Percipio Compliance, Canon found a way to execute a mature compliance training program. With courses available in 500+ legal and safety topics in over 30 languages, and access to self-service content configuration tools, it can now deliver translated and culturally localized legal and safety compliance training to its employees across the globe.

Skillsoft Percipio Compliance provides Canon with the flexibility and functionality needed to manage, monitor, and track compliance in an increasingly complex world, including:

  • Ensuring its compliance content is up to date with automated course maintenance
  • Customizing courses with Canon’s content, including documents, non-instructional videos, and custom text
  • Distributing policy documents and including an affirmation statement for policy attestation
  • Automating assignments based on user attributes such as job location, role, and more
  • Targeting specific audiences with fully customizable emails for learners, managers, and administrators

Recently, I chatted with Janis Smith-Howard, Canon Business Process Services' Supervisor for e-Learning and Instructional Design, and Administrator for Skillsoft Percipio Compliance, to hear her perspective on how implementing the platform has impacted their organization:

“Although we’ve worked with Skillsoft since 2017, the process of managing compliance through Skillsoft Percipio has been a game changer. In the past, we were seeing low course completion rates. Now, we're showing a significant increase in completion rates due to the My Assignment feature and functionality. Learners see Percipio as more user-friendly and easier to navigate, with a better search function. Our people just have easier access to compliance content. We’re light years ahead of where we’ve ever been.”

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Keeping Managers in the Know

Canon’s commitment to safety and compliance goes deeper than content — it also sees the value of driving awareness and engagement through ongoing learner support, through its Safety Excellence and Commitment to Compliance programs, which highlight necessary courses and updates for employees.

Smith-Howard additionally created a manager newsletter called “Did You Know?” — a simple way to stay connected, share important links and updates, and concisely explain the capabilities of Skillsoft Percipio Compliance to her managers, encouraging them to explore and use the tool optimally.

She was kind enough to share Canon’s “Did You Know” series with us – demonstrating how to deliver information to managers through engaging Q&As.

For example, Janis’s team realized that many employees would have questions about how to access virtual live classes. An issue of “Did You Know” delivered step-by-step instructions, explained that an email address isn’t necessary to register, and linked to a training video: “How to Register and Attend a Live Webex.”

Another issue focused on how compliance and safety courses are assigned and where learners can find them in the Learning Academy. It also addressed the logistics around earning credits.

A third issue of “Did You Know” introduced Skill Benchmarks, diagnostic assessments that measure current skills as Novice, Developing, or Proficient.

“Did You Know” has been well-received, and a key component of Canon’s learning program. It offers a streamlined, cohesive “handbook” of sorts in a friendly, conversational format that inspires curiosity, boosts confidence, reduces “training fatigue,” and saves valuable time. This is especially important to employees who may be using smartphones, with limited or no access to a computer.

Employees everywhere are searching for professional and personal growth, as well as respectful and equitable workplaces. When you commit to mitigating risk with a robust learning program like Canon’s, you support productivity, deepen loyalty, and improve retention among employees who value opportunities to learn and grow in a safe, trusted, and ethical workplace.

If you’re ready to unite your entire compliance learning program under one platform, connect learning with business performance, and deliver an exhilarating user experience to improve connection and engagement, reach out to request a demo today.