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October 5, 2021 | Activate Learning | 4 min read

Open to new ideas.

Open to new skills.

Open to inspiration.

During Perspectives 2021 we hosted a two-day, action-packed agenda of 38 thought-provoking sessions. Much like last year, Perspectives Unleashed was built to provide learners and leaders alike with the tools needed to build and sustain a culture of learning right now, and to transform today’s workforce for tomorrow’s economy. We covered some timely topics:

  • Who owns the skilling agenda? Is it private enterprise, higher education, government or some new combination?
  • A Culture of Learning: how to build it and why it's so important today and going forward.
  • If the future of work is now, what now is the future?

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Throughout the conference – in presentations and visible in attendee chats – we were reminded again and again, that everyone has potential to grow and that it is our collective responsibility to share the key to unlock new skills and new perspectives.

It’s an exciting time to be leading learning initiatives.

Build pathways to possibility

Attendees at Perspective were incredibly motivated by Robin Arzón, Vice President of Fitness Programming and Head Instructor at Peloton, Best-Selling Author, and Ultramarathon Runner who reminded us that it’s our job as leaders to help people on our team find possibility in themselves. And that starts by meeting learners where they are right now. We have to make it easy for our people to find more in themselves by believing in them, and giving them the tools and motivation they need to grow. We love how she’s framed it as their “Pathway to Possibility.”

Help one person a day

No one could forget Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal’s incredible success as an NBA star, but behind the athlete is a life-long learner who earned his Ph.D. He shared a lesson from fellow basketball star Michael Jordan who told him: “To learn to succeed, you must first learn to fail.” So much of what he shared made me smile and made me think, but the one thing I can’t shake is his call to help one person every day. It’s truly a gift to work for a company like Skillsoft which puts helping someone grow at the core of our DNA.

Enable learning in the flow of work

Skillsoft is committed to your success. The launch of our official combined offering with Global Knowledge brings to market one of the broadest and deepest technology and developer offerings in the corporate digital learning space. Customers can now access a combined offering of nearly 28,000 hours of instruction that include a blend of on-demand courses, hands-on labs, real-world challenges, and coverage for more than 170 technical certifications. Additionally, as part of our technology and developer offering, we’ve launched Skillsoft Challenge Labs in partnership with Learn on Demand Systems. This will enable teams working in cloud to have a safe environment to test and master newfound skills with more than 1000 labs covering topics including: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud. For our compliance solutions, we’ve rebuilt and added new courses to our Legal and Environmental Health and Safety solutions and launched compliance courseware customization for customers. On our Leadership and Business side, we’ve reimagined and refreshed some of our most important content. This included the launch of a new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Action curriculum, highlighting real stories from individuals to create impactful and inspirational learning experiences for our customers. As well, we’ve added eight new customer service courses, developed in partnership with NueBridge, a global consulting and advisory firm focused on customer experience. These courses use scenario-based approaches to maximize retention and provide reps with the skills to understand customers on a deeper level, create positive engagements, and ensure happier outcomes. Additionally, we’ve seen our integration with Pluma, a leading digital professional development and executive coaching platform, deepening our Leadership Development portfolio by adding coaching to our bench. And finally, we’ve added new Aspire Journeys across Technology and Developer, and Leadership and Business, as well as new certifications, and officially launched the Skillsoft Percipio App for Microsoft Teams, enabling learners to access the full functionality of the Percipio within the Teams platform.

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And those were just a few highlights from Perspectives. In all we hosted 38 sessions.

  • Jeff Tarr challenged us to rethink our talent models by creating a culture of learning.
  • Dorie Clark gave us a roadmap for switching to long-term orientation
  • Kristy Wallace motivated us to be an active ally for the women in our organizations
  • Jaz Ampaw-Farr showed us that complexity, that space between comfort and chaos, can be a beautiful place to explore. In complexity the ground is fertile, the hard questions are worth asking.
  • Flavia Moreira championed showing up, listening, and acting as the first steps to embracing a diverse workforce. She implored us to listen to understand, not to judge.
  • Nick Boyd showed us how Target views learning as a competitive advantage and shared why they made GROW one of their cultural pillars

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Just recapping all the amazing content shared at Perspectives has my mind buzzing with ideas. It can sometimes feel hard to know where to start so I’ll leave you with Robin Arzón’s words. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the destination – just keep running forward. Forward is a pace.” May today bring you one small step closer to your team’s future.