What's on my Percipio Playlist?

August 10, 2021 | Activate Learning | 3 min read

A colleague recently asked me, what's on YOUR Skillsoft Percipio playlist?

What. A. Great. Question.

You see, at Skillsoft, building a culture of learning is what we're all about. And, we're fortunate to have access to one of the most comprehensive learning libraries in the world — delivered via Percipio, our AI-driven, immersive learning platform. So learning is in our DNA and part of our daily rituals.

That doesn’t mean it hasn’t taken time to cultivate this learning mindset. And let’s face it, there never seems to be enough time these days even though we are worth the investment.

But, what if we all just committed to 30 minutes a week?

It's easier than you think. Many of our courses on Percipio are divided into easily digestible learning "bites" — such as 2-5 minute videos — and those minutes add up.

So, in the spirit of "sharing is caring," I thought I'd invite you into "Michelle’s Percipio Playlist" for a look at what I'm currently watching, listening to, and reading. Maybe something I’ve found will spark your curiosity too.

  • Courses. I love our courses because they go deep into a focused topic. Right now, I'm taking Managing Your Emotional Well-Being During The Workday. It's chock-full of insights and stress management strategies from Morra Aarons-Mele, host of the podcast "The Anxious Achiever." (Raise your hand with me if that sounds familiar)! I'm also enjoying Building a Strategic Commitment to Sustainability, developed in partnership with MIT Sloan Management Review — full of key lessons that can help you integrate sustainability into your company’s business strategy. It's around 30 minutes total (there's your weekly learning goal!) and earns you a shareable badge, like so many of our courses.
  • Aspire Journeys. It feels entirely appropriate to be taking the journey on Virtual Work in the New Normal. What I love is how this particular journey mixes mediums, including courses, articles, and book and audio summaries.
  • Books. I adore books, particularly audiobooks now that I've started driving into Boston more. Several people had recommended Death by Meeting: A Leadership Fable, which talks about the cure for one of the most painful problems in business - bad meetings. It's on my list to read this week while I'm out. I've also listened to the audiobook, Sway: The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior, which focuses on the forces that can derail decision-making in our personal and professional lives. Highly recommend.
  • Compliance Training. I just completed our annual required training, which is important –for both me as a leader at Skillsoft, but also as a good corporate steward of the organization.

So, here’s my challenge to you: take the time to invest in yourself by learning something new every single week. Then reach out to me on LinkedIn to share your favorite courses, books, and journeys. I’ll author a follow-up post that includes recommendations from respondents.

Oh, and one thing is clear: I need to up my digital badge game. I have earned 21 digital badges so far, but I don't come close to @Gianna Wilson on our Communications team, who has already racked up an astounding 61 since she started last year. Congrats to Gianna and all of our amazing learners.

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