10 Steps to Sales Success: The Proven System That Can Shorten the Selling Cycle, Double Your Close Ratio, and Significantly Increase Your Income

  • 3h 49m
  • Tim Breithaupt
  • 2003

Selling is a complex process. In order to succeed, sales professionals need to have not only a healthy self-esteem, but also a precise, proven system to get them confidently through each sales call. In Ten Steps to Sales Success, sales expert Tim Breithaupt both teaches and inspires—providing a treasure-trove of practical tools and techniques designed to cover the entire selling process from A to Z. The book presents a complete methodology based on the author’s "Ten-Step Model of Sequential Selling," comprising:

  • Attitudes of Success
  • Time Management
  • Prospecting
  • Building Rapport and Trust
  • Probing and Listening
  • Value-Added Solutions
  • Closing • Creative Negotiation
  • Action Plans and Follow-Up.

Perfect for both sales novices and veterans, the book includes humorous illustrations to support key points, and provides numerous "how-to" examples. It is a must-read for anyone seeking to move beyond sales survival to sales excellence.

About the Author

Tim Breithaupt is the founder of Spectrum Training Solutions, Inc., offering training in sales, customer service, and negotiation. He is an accomplished speaker and has trained sales professionals from many Fortune 500 companies.

In this Book

  • The Sequential Model of Professional Selling
  • Attitudes of Success: Five Pillars
  • Planning and Preparation: Measure Twice, Cut Once
  • Time Management: It's About Time
  • Prospecting: I Know Where You Are Hiding
  • Building Rapport and Trust: Behavioral Flexibility
  • Discovery: Game Day
  • Presentation Skills: Value-Added Solutions
  • Confirming the Sale: Closing
  • Creative Negotiation: There is Always a Way
  • Action Plan: Implementation
  • Follow-Up: You Never Call or Write Anymore
  • Conclusion
  • Recommended Readings