10 Steps to Successful Customer Service

  • 2h 14m
  • Maxine Kamin
  • Association for Talent Development
  • 2010

10 Steps to Successful Customer Service is an essential key practice check up designed to help both front line customer service professionals and their managers' maintain focus on creating satisfied, loyal customers. From front line motivation to building trust to tackling difficult problems, this book hits all the key customer satisfaction bases. Loaded with useful examples, exercises, and worksheets, readers will find powerful ways to reconnect to their organizations and discover fresh insight into their career.

About the Author

Maxine Kamin, MEd, is a veteran trainer, educator, consultant, and administrator. After 14 years in academia, holding positions such as faculty member at the University of Massachusetts and acting dean of Instruction at Miami-Dade College, she followed her academic career with 20 years in business, education, and social service, including operating her own successful consulting firm full-time for 10 years, working as the manager of instruction and evaluation for American Express, and serving in her current position as director of Professional Development at ChildNet.

Ms. Kamin has worked with a variety of businesses and training organizations, including continuing education and corporate training departments at numerous colleges and universities. Her corporate clients include Fortune 500 companies, airports, hotels, stadiums, entertainment facilities, service organizations, call centers, financial institutions, and other industries. She has partnered with consulting firms including LORE International and Leadership International Management (LIM), and has held positions on boards including the Ft. Lauderdale chapters of the American Society for Training and Development and the Society for Human Resource Management.

In addition to being a consultant and trainer, Ms. Kamin is the author of Customer Service Training, one of ASTD's first "how to" books for trainers, and Diversity Programs That Work, an Info-Line publication that she coauthored with Cristina de Mello-e-Souza Wildermuth and Ron Collins. Some of her other training programs include Uncommon Courtesy, which is used in 36 states, Special Guests for the Florida Panthers, and Eleven Home Runs for Leadership. She is the curriculum designer for Positive Start, a supervisory training program that is now a three-credit college course, and part of the team that developed Supervising for Excellence, an intensive program for new supervisors in the field of child welfare.

As the founder and president of TOUCH Consulting, Inc.: Training for Organizational Development, Unparalleled Customer Service, Communications, and Human Resources, headquartered in Plantation, Florida, Ms. Kamin operates with the premise that the personal touch in business—respecting and appreciating associates and customers—is the key to success. Her programs are designed to give practical application to these principles.

In this Book

  • Identify Service Motivation and Mission
  • Define Great Service for Your Organization
  • Form Great Relationships
  • Build Trusting Relationships That Last
  • Use the Law of Attraction—Be Positive
  • Aggressively Solve Problems—the Bigger the Better
  • Recover from Mistakes Gracefully
  • Give Customers and Yourself a Break
  • Keep It Cool When Things Get Hot
  • Be Your Own Best Customer
  • Conclusion


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