25 Legendary Leadership Activities

  • 1h 16m
  • Peter R. Garber
  • Human Resource Development Press
  • 2008

What is “legendary leadership”? It can be defined simply as leadership that is remembered. These 25 activities are designed to ensure you are remembered as a good – or even great – leader.

The number of people in the group you lead or the size of your organization doesn’t matter. The book is organized around the qualities and abilities that enable a leader to effectively lead a few people … a large organization … or even a nation.

Whether you are a new or experienced leader, you will find development activities that cover a wide variety of skills that can help you reach your greatest potential. Do you need to work on dealing with demands on your time? Pacing yourself? Feeling comfortable in all your many different roles? Making difficult decisions? Understanding and capitalizing on your leadership style? You’ll find just the right activity here.

Sample activities:

  • How Do You Spend Your Leadership Time?
  • The “Plugged-In” Leader
  • Managing Sideways
  • Leading Outside the Box
  • Leadership Survival Skills
  • Collaborative
  • Management

The activities couldn’t be easier to use. You’ll get the purpose of the activity, description of the activity, time allotted, resources required, presentation instructions and a debrief.

The 25 handouts – including assessments, questionnaires and charts – make this book even more useful.

25 Legendary Leadership Activities – challenging, fun and a must resource in your legendary leadership journey.

In this Book

  • Activity 1—How Do You Spend Your Leadership Time?
  • Activity 2—the "plugged-in" Leader
  • Activity 3—Managing Out the Wazzoo
  • Activity 4—Leaderfear
  • Activity 5—Legendary Leadership Questionnaire
  • Activity 6—Legendary Leadership Hall of Fame
  • Activity 7—Getting Into a Management Rhythm
  • Activity 8—Leadership Building Blocks
  • Activity 9—Leadership Vantage Points
  • Activity 10—the Leadership Compass
  • Activity 11—Profiling Legendary Leaders
  • Activity 12—Managing Sideways
  • Activity 13—Leadership Roles
  • Activity 14—Leadership Decision Dynamics
  • Activity 15—Making Difficult Leadership Decisions
  • Activity 16—Leadership Breadth
  • Activity 17—Why Good Leaders Make Bad Decisions
  • Activity 18—20 Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Making a Difficult Decision
  • Activity 19—Leading Outside the Box
  • Activity 20—Leadership Change Box
  • Activity 21—Leadership Image
  • Activity 22—Your Legendary Leaders
  • Activity 23—You As a Leader
  • Activity 24—Leadership Survival Skills
  • Activity 25—Collaborative Management


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