54 Golden Nuggets: The Best of The Telephone Doctor: Quick Tips to Cure Your Business Communication Ills

  • 1h 57m
  • Nancy J. Friedman
  • Human Resource Development Press
  • 2011

The Telephone Doctor, Nancy Friedman, has been writing about effective customer service for years and has been read by tens of thousands of business professionals. This compilation of over 50 of her most popular and most frequently requested articles is a no-nonsense guide to curing any and all customer service ills in your organization. The 54 articles cover all aspects of customer service and are organized into four easy-to-reference sections: Customer service, telephone service, human resources tips and voice mail/e-mail/cell phone tips. Each article is geared toward keeping the customer you work so hard to get. From correcting why new salespeople don t succeed to handling irate customers to dealing with foreign accents, this is the way to run a customer-focused company.

About the Author

Nancy Friedman is President of the Telephone Doctor, an international customer service training company, based in St. Louis, Missouri. Nancy is a featured speaker at association meetings and corporate gatherings around the world. She has appeared on OPRAH, The Today Show, CNN, Good Morning America, and CBS This Morning. Her articles have been published by the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, as well as hundreds of other radio, TV, and print outlets.

In this Book

  • 54 Golden Nuggets—The Best of the Telephone Doctor—Quick Tips to Cure Your Business Communication Ills
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Customer Service Tips
  • Telephone Service Tips
  • Human Resources Tips
  • Voice Mail, E-Mail, and Cell Phone Tips