9 Ways to Change Your Thinking about Change Campaigns

  • 11m
  • Jeff Davidson
  • Tony Alessandra
  • 2009

The role that you're likely to play in a change campaign, that of change manager, requires you to be a conduit, continually dealing with staff members you manage and higher-ups to whom you report.

To properly handle the position, you have to learn about managing inside and outside your head. What does this mean? You have to develop and improve your own mental processes for dealing with new direction, which could include making a 180-degree reversal in plans or walking away from a project.

In this Book

  • Change—The Only Business Constant
  • Managing Your Own Perceptions
  • “Head-Changing” Behavior
  • Directing Yourself Through Affirmations
  • Committing and Letting Go
  • Closure, A Many Splendid Thing
  • Walk-Away Strategies
  • Turning on a Dime and Feeling Fine
  • Cranking up the Engine