A Practical Guide to E-Auctions for Procurement: How to Maximize Impact with E-Sourcing and E-Negotiation

  • 4h 24m
  • Jacob Gorm Larsen
  • Kogan Page
  • 2021

A Practical Guide to E-Auctions for Procurement provides guidance to procurement professionals on how to realize the potential of e-auctions. Now is the time to optimize your e-negotiation strategy using key insights from the author Jacob Gorm Larsen, who is responsible for one of the most success and award-winning e-sourcing programs in the world.

A Practical Guide to E-Auctions for Procurement presents a proven process for developing an e-auction and e-negotiation strategy, along with a catalogue of change management initiatives for securing buy-in internally in the organization. The different e-auction formats and benefits are explained in detail and demonstrated with practical examples, templates and advice that can be adopted by the reader.

Jacob and the team at Maersk are at the forefront when it comes to developing robots that execute e-auctions from end-to-end and are kicking off a transformation that will fundamentally change how we consider e-auctions and negotiations. In addition, with learnings from more than 10,000 e-auctions globally, this is the book for those in procurement looking to implement, deliver and maintain a thriving e-auction program.

About the Author

Jacob Gorm Larsen is Head of Digital Procurement in Maersk with responsibility for the execution of the digital transformation of procurement. For the past 15 years he has been part of the procurement team at Maersk including responsibility for developing and operating the e-sourcing program for more than a decade.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • What is an E-Auction?
  • Applicability—When Can and Should You Use E-Auctions?
  • Value in a Theoretical Perspective
  • E-Auction Theory
  • E-Auction Formats
  • E-Auction Design—Best Practice
  • Supplier Communication
  • Recommendations for Approaching Change Management
  • Digital Readiness and Risks for Transformation Initiatives
  • Automation of the Negotiation Processes
  • Digital Negotiation Solutions Today
  • The Future of E-Auctions and Negotiations
  • References