ABAP: An Introduction, 2nd Edition 2020

  • 7h 42m
  • Brian O'Neill, Jelena Perfiljeva
  • Rheinwerk Publishing Inc.
  • 2020

Step into ABAP with this beginner's guide. First understand ABAP syntax and find out how to add data and logic to your applications. Then delve into backend programming: learn to work with the ABAP data dictionary, create database objects, and process and store data. Round out your skill set by practicing error handling, modularization, string manipulation, and more. With guided examples, step-by-step instructions, and detailed code you'll become an ABAP developer in no time!

  • Build your ABAP skills and write your first program
  • Use the data dictionary, make programs modular, and troubleshoot errors
  • Develop applications using strings and text, dates and times, and more

ABAP Language Basics

Learn the ABAP language, from formatting code to using variables and constants. Understand how to add binary logic to applications, create simple user interfaces, and more.

Working with Data

Create data dictionary objects and program ABAP applications to process and read data from a database. Use working memory to store retrieved data and display it to users.

Manipulating Programs

Modularize ABAP programs, handle errors, and work with strings, texts, dates, times, and currencies.

Preparing for an ABAP Career

Understand the SAP system landscape, prepare your development environment, and explore the official ABAP development guidelines.

  • Procedural programming
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Flow control
  • Arithmetic operations
  • Data dictionary
  • Defining variables and constants
  • Creating tables
  • Database read/write
  • Modularization
  • Debugging
  • ABAP List Viewer (ALV)

About the Authors

Brian O'Neill is an ABAP developer with more than 10 years of experience working across different SAP ERP modules and custom applications. His experience includes working in various IT positions, from SAP support to ABAP development, while working in the IT department of SAP customer IGT (International Game Technology). Brian has also worked as an SAP Mobility consultant with IBM and most recently has been working as an independent consultant focusing on SAP mobility projects. Brian has a bachelor's degree in computer information systems from California State University, Chico, and a master's degree in information systems from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Jelena Perfiljeva is a senior ABAP developer at IBM Global Finances. She started her SAP career in 2005 and has been involved in SAP rollouts, upgrades, and support for several US-based companies. Jelena is an SAP Mentor alumna and was chosen SAP Community (formerly known as SCN) Member of the Month in April 2013. She was the recipient of both the SAP Community Citizenship and Appreciation awards in 2017. In 2018, she received the SAP Community Hero award. In 2016, Jelena published the book What on Earth is an SAP IDoc? which explains the nature of IDoc interfaces in SAP ERP. Jelena is a speaker at SAP conferences, including SAP TechEd in Las Vegas in 2018 and Mastering SAP Technologies in Melbourne in 2014. She is originally from Riga, Latvia and received a master's degree in Computer Science and Economics from the Latvian University.

In this Book

  • Introduction to SAP's ERP Systems
  • Creating Your First Program
  • ABAP 101
  • Data Dictionary Objects
  • Accessing the Database
  • Storing Data in Working Memory
  • Making Programs Modular
  • Error Handling
  • Presenting Data Using the ABAP List Viewer
  • Creating a Shopping Cart Example
  • Working with Strings and Texts
  • Working with Dates, Times, Quantities, and Currencies
  • User Interface Technologies
  • Working with ABAP Professionally