Advance DEI Using Talent Development Expertise

  • 24m
  • Ed Hasan, Ifedapo Adeleye
  • Association for Talent Development
  • 2021

Talent development professionals can and should do more to advance DEI. While focusing on effective diversity training programs is a natural start, TD professionals have additional opportunities to move DEI forward with knowledge management, career and leadership development, and coaching. In this issue of TD at Work, Ed Hasan and Ifedapo Adeleye focus on those three high-impact but underused capabilities. They address:

  • The top DEI priorities and challenges facing organizations and how TD professionals can help tackle them
  • Strategies and tips for unleashing the power of knowledge management to facilitate DEI change
  • Challenges and solutions for creating effective career and leadership development programs to advance diverse talent
  • Evidence-based approaches for coaching for inclusive leadership and for coaching historically excluded groups

Tools & Resources in this issue are a DEI knowledge management strategy questionnaire and a career development diversity questionnaire.

In this Book

  • Advance DEI using Talent Development Expertise
  • Tools & Resources