Talent Management

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Strong performing organizations optimally manage their talent. Use best practices to hire, manage, develop, and retain top talent.


Planning for Skills Needs and Managing Performance

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    Planning for Skills Needs and Managing Performance
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    Talent Management Basics
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Planning for Skills Needs and Managing Performance
An effective HR Department develops employees and develops talent to support the organization's key strategies and help them in the fight to remain competitive. Key to achieving this is acquiring talent and managing talent successfully. In this course, you'll learn about the role of HR in identifying the skills needs of your organization and satisfying these needs through recruitment and performance management as your organization requires it. You'll also learn about managing performance successfully within the framework of talent management.
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Building Career Development Programs and Succession Planning
Effectively managing your career or creating a career plan for your team requires an understanding of career management strategies within your organization. To manage talent effectively, your organization will need a total workforce optimized for overall success in achieving its goals. In this course, you'll learn about creating development programs for everyone from emerging employees through to experienced leaders by considering key concepts of career development, leadership development, and mentoring. You'll also learn how to maintain a qualified talent pipeline through effective succession planning. You'll explore succession planning activities, and learn how to create a succession program and analyze its success after implementation.
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Implementing Transformational HR
In an ideal world, your HR Department's tasks are defined and aligned with the goals of the organization. HR has a seat at the executive table, helping to set and implement strategy throughout the organization, and all the day-to-day HR activities – such as recruitment, talent management and succession planning – support the organizational strategy. This is transformational human resources. In this course, you'll learn about the difference between traditional transactional HR and transformational HR and the importance of involving HR in organizational strategy. The course also describes how to make your HR function more transformational and how to educate management on the importance of a strategic partnership with HR to optimize your talent pipeline.
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Individual Behavior in Organizations
In an ideal world, all the day-to-day HR tasks – such as recruitment, talent management, and succession planning – are defined and aligned with the goals of the organization. This is an aspect of transformational human resources, or transformational HR, that will help optimize your talent pipeline. In this course, you'll learn about variables and characteristics that influence individual behavior, attitude, and perception in the workplace, and how these can affect performance. The course also demonstrates how you can improve the attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors of employees at an individual level to align with organizational goals.
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Learning Analytics: Using Talent Data to Improve Business Outcomes, Second Edition
Drawing upon case studies from organizations who such as The Gap, Hilton Worldwide University and Seagate Technology, this book will enable those involved in learning and development to make the business case for their activities and deliver an evidence-based service to their organizations.
Book Duration 6h 26m Book Authors By Cristina Hall, John R Mattox II, Peggy Parskey

Book Summary

AHA Moments in Talent Management: A Business Fable With Practical Exercises
In AHA Moments in Talent Management, author Mark Allen describes 13 principles designed to help businesses tap into the talent within their organization. In this Summary, we discuss the salient points of the book based on our interpretation of its contents.
Book Duration 9m Book Authors By Mark Allen

Book Summary

The Talent Powered Organization: Strategies for Globalization, Talent Management and High Performance
Through case-studies and real-life metrics, The Talent Powered Organization demonstrates how aligning talent with your business strategy outcomes will make you a powerhouse in your market. In this Summary, we discuss the salient points of the book based on our interpretation of its contents.
Book Duration 9m Book Authors By Elizabeth Craig, Peter Cheese, Robert J. Thomas


AHA Moments in Talent Management: A Business Fable With Practical Exercises
Using a business fable highlighting 13 talent management principles, this book provides assessment questions to evaluate the status of your organization’s talent practices and reflection questions to help YOU make a difference in your organization, regardless of your position.
Book Duration 2h 4m Book Authors By Mark Allen


Reinventing Talent Management: Principles and Practices for the New World of Work
Explaining that talent management needs to be closely linked to the organization's overall strategy, this timely book identifies a comprehensive and integrated set of talent management practices that fit today's rapidly evolving workplace.
Book Duration 2h 33m Book Authors By Edward E. Lawler III


5 Critical Conversations to Talent Development: Tips, Tools & Intelligence for Developing Talent
With case studies of conversations in practice and sample questions to promote dialogue, this practical book describes five types of conversations that can help employees, managers, and talent development professionals align their goals and future plans and make better decisions.
Book Duration 24m Book Authors By David Clutterbuck, Julie Haddock-Millar


ATD Talent Management Handbook
Challenging you to think about the talent model of the future through the lens of different workforce models, this forward-looking book offers progressive thoughts on the current state of talent management and on how the function needs to adapt.
Book Duration