Agile HR: Deliver Value in a Changing World of Work

  • 5h 3m
  • Natal Dank, Riina Hellström
  • Kogan Page
  • 2021

In the new world of work, agility is a business imperative. Agile HR is a practical guide written specifically for people professionals on how the HR function can develop agile processes and practices that save time, boost performance and support overall business goals.

From small tech start-ups or large traditional companies, organizations need to be fast, flexible and digitally empowered to succeed. However, too many companies are stuck with siloed, compliance-driven HR processes that work in opposition to the business rather than supporting it. This results in the view that HR is slow and out of touch. However, Agile HR shows that this doesn't need to be the case.

Covering every aspect of the HR function from people processes, ways of working and HR services to organization design, operating models and HR teams, Agile HR is an essential guide for all HR practitioners wanting to make their HR practices agile and drive business performance but don't know where to start. As well as guidance on how to deal with resistance, manage a backlog and deal with constraints, there is also invaluable guidance on how HR can prioritize effectively and assess which activities to pursue, which to develop, which to rework and which to abandon in order to achieve continuous business improvement. Supported by case studies from organizations who have seen the benefits of an agile approach to HR including Sky Betting & Gaming and MUJI, this is critical reading for all HR professionals in organizations of any size needing to adopt fast, flexible and evolving agile approaches to effectively compete in the new world of work.

About the Authors

Natal Dank heads up learning, coaching and community at PXO Culture and is seen as a pioneer in the Agile HR movement. In 2016, she hosted the first Agile HR Meetup in London with the aim of building a community of like-minded disrupters, which has since grown into a regular event held across the world from Sydney to Paris and online. A year later, Natal co-founded the Agile HR Community. Based in Scotland. UK, she is focused on defining modern HR for the 21st Century.

Riina Hellström is an Agile Enterprise Coach and the CEO of the Agile HR Community, a global network focused on training the craft of Agile in HR. Based in Helsinki, Finland, she was one of the HR leaders starting the movement of Agile HR in 2010, and now works on executive Agile advisory and organizational transformation.

In this Book

  • Agile HR and the 2020 Pandemic
  • What Agile HR is
  • Why Agile?
  • The Agile Mindset
  • Design Thinking for Agile Teams
  • Agile Ways of Working
  • Scrum and Kanban
  • Agile for HR—An Introduction
  • Agile HR Toolkit—Value and Prioritization
  • Agile HR Toolkit—Co-Creation
  • Agile for HR Toolkit—Agile Teams and Agile HR Operating Models
  • Agile for HR Toolkit—Thinking like a Scientist
  • Agile for HR Toolkit—Continuous Improvement
  • HR for Agile—An Introduction
  • Co-Creating the Agile Vision
  • Agile Organizational Design
  • HR's Role in Agile Transformation
  • Agile HR Products and Services
  • Conclusion—Let's Get Going



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