Agile Fundamentals: Backlog, Impediments, Releases, and Agile in the Organization

Agile    |    Beginner
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When tackling an Agile project, you need to consider key elements of your organization and its readiness for Agile. This course introduces you to the importance of change management in Agile environments, key differentiators between Agile and Waterfall, and how backlog management relates to change. Then you'll explore the basic process for managing change, how to identify and remove impediments, approaches to take in addressing impediments, and the process for managing impediments. Then you'll learn why vendor management is an important competency for all project managers, considerations for collaborating and integrating with vendors in an Agile environment, increment delivery, release planning, and release iteration. Finally, you'll discover project closeout tasks and how to transition a product to operations, benefits realization, and the organizational approach to Agile. This course was originally created by Global Knowledge (GK).


  • discuss the importance of change management in Agile environments
    describe key differentiators between Agile and Waterfall as they relate to the concept of change
    discuss how backlog management relates to change in an Agile environment
    describe the impact of backlog management in a given scenario
    discuss the basic four-step process for managing change
    describe the concept of impediments and what to do about them
    discuss the process for identifying and removing impediments
    describe different approaches you can take in addressing impediments
    describe vendor management and why it's an important competency for all project managers
    discuss potential disconnects when integrating between an Agile project team and a Waterfall project team or vendor
    describe considerations for collaborating with vendors in an Agile environment
  • discuss considerations for integrating with a Waterfall vendor
    describe the basic process of increment delivery
    discuss the differences between Agile and Waterfall when working on releases and release planning
    describe the purpose of the release iteration, also known as a hardening sprint
    discuss defects and how they should be handled in an Agile environment
    identify tasks to keep in mind when closing out an Agile project
    describe considerations for ensuring that your operations team is fully ready to support a solution
    discuss benefits realization as it relates to the end of a project
    describe considerations for bringing the Agile approach to an organization
    discuss considerations for defining Agile roles in a team
    describe the key impacts of the project manager role in an Agile environment



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