Android Application Development: A Beginner's Tutorial

  • 3h 10m
  • Budi Kurniawan
  • Brainy Software Corp.
  • 2015

Android is the most popular mobile platform today, and this book is a thorough introduction to Android application development. A structured tutorial, it shows how to create applications and use the Android APIs through numerous examples. The book covers the latest Android version—KitKat—and the chapters cover topics including UI components, the latest Animation API in Android, how to record media, and how to handle asynchronous tasks.

About the Author

Known for his clear writing style, Budi Kurniawan is a senior developer at Brainy Software and the author of How Tomcat Works, Servlet and JSP: A Tutorial, Struts 2 Design and Programming, and others. He has written software that is licensed by major corporations worldwide.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Activities
  • UI Components
  • Layouts
  • Listeners
  • The Action Bar
  • Menus
  • ListView
  • GridView
  • Styles and Themes
  • Bitmap Processing
  • Graphics and Custom Views
  • Fragments
  • Multi-Pane Layouts
  • Animation
  • Preferences
  • Working with Files
  • Working with the Database
  • Taking Pictures
  • Making Videos
  • The Sound Recorder
  • Handling the Handler
  • Asynchronous Tasks
  • Services
  • Broadcast Receivers
  • The Alarm Service
  • Content Providers


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