B2B Social Selling Strategy: Connect with Customers, Build Relationships and Drive Sales

  • 4h 7m
  • Julie Atherton
  • Kogan Page
  • 2022

Social media, when deployed strategically and effectively in B2B channels, offers a uniquely personal long-term networking opportunity for sales teams and business professionals. For many, this has supercharged their sales performance, with empowered teams, faster results, and higher revenues. For others, the challenges of navigating social channels for business can be daunting. Concerns over social media confidence, personal and professional conflicts of interest, and a loss of management control can lead to a lack of action or ineffective modes of engagement.

B2B Social Selling Strategy provides a clear framework for identifying the right social channels, connecting with potential and existing customers and measuring success against objectives and KPIs.

Featuring original research, case studies and interviews with industry professionals, the book also shows how to generate content to attract attention and gain trust, work with B2B influencers and create a social selling culture. Exploring how to build your personal brand in synergy with your business and integrate social selling with other sales and marketing channels, it is supported by online interactive tools and templates to be used to create and execute your own social selling strategy. Written by a recognized social media expert, B2B Social Selling Strategy is an indispensable guide for B2B sales, marketing and social media professionals.

About the Author

Julie Atherton is the founder of the social media transformation advisory and marketing consultancy Small Wonder which specializes in advising organizations on embedding social media in their strategic development and growth. Her social media strategy books are built on 30 years' experience gained advising and training global brands, small independents and innovative start-ups including Deloitte Digital, Mott MacDonald, Nissan, Axa Group, St John Ambulance, Parcelforce Worldwide, Emerge Digital, Arnolfini, SmartViz and Ulster Bank. She is the author of Social Media Strategy, also published by Kogan Page.

In this Book

  • Original Research
  • Foreword
  • Introduction: How to Use This Book
  • The Modern B2B Sales Challenge—Who Sells, How They Do It and Why It Works
  • Getting Started—Creating Your Own B2B Social Selling Strategy and Setting Achievable Objectives and KPIs
  • The Networked Audience—Finding Your Networked Audience on Social Media, What They Look Like and How You Can Understand Them
  • The Interdependent Brand—Differentiating Your Business Through Mature Relationships and Effective Content Marketing
  • Campaigns—How to Take an Integrated Approach to B2B Social Selling Channel Selection
  • Campaigns—Building and Implementing a B2B Social Selling Plan
  • B2B Social Selling Tools—How to Select The Best Tools to Improve Efficiencies, Increase Insight and Transform Results
  • Using B2B Social Media Influencers—Making The Most of Influencer Relationships
  • Monitoring and Measurement—Measuring the Effectiveness of Your B2B Social Selling Strategy
  • Social Transformation—Creating a B2B Social Selling Culture In Your Business