Beginning iOS Programming: Building and Deploying iOS Applications

  • 4h 51m
  • Nick Harris
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2014

iOS 7 is a major shift in the look and feel of apps—the first major sea change since the iPhone was first introduced. For apps to blend in with the new UI, each needs a complete redesign. Beginning iOS Programming: Building and Deploying iOS Applications starts at the beginning—including an introduction to Objective C—and gives you the skills you need to get your apps up and running. Author Nick Harris has extensive experience developing for iOS and provides a solid background for teaching the building blocks of app development.

  • Learn Objective-C and how it differs from other programming languages
  • Turn your app idea into an actionable plan
  • Build each feature with the help of standalone chapters
  • Assemble your project into a real-world iOS app

Throughout the book, you'll be able to experiment with dozens of recipes from real-life scenarios, creating an app as you learn.

About the Author

Nick Harris is an Independent Software Developer at Clifton Garage Mobile LLC. He began developing for iPhone using iPhone OS 2.0 and has created and released over a half dozen apps using every version of iOS though iOS 7. Along with his accomplishments as a developer, Nick has twice been a speaker at the 360iDev Developer Conference sharing his experience developing iOS apps for both individuals and corporate enterprises.

In this Book

  • Building a Real-World iOS App: Bands
  • Introduction to Objective-C
  • Starting a New App
  • Creating a User Input Form
  • Using Table Views
  • Integrating the Camera and Photo Library in iOS Apps
  • Integrating Social Media
  • Using Web Views
  • Exploring Maps and Local Search
  • Getting Started with Web Services
  • Creating a Universal App
  • Deploying Your iOS App


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