Beginning OpenGL Game Programming, Second Edition

  • 3h 59m
  • Dave Astle, Kevin Hawkins, Luke Benstead
  • Cengage Course PTR
  • 2009

Are you a beginning programmer just getting started in 3D graphics programming? If you’re comfortable programming in C++ and have a basic understanding of 3D math concepts, Beginning OpenGL Game Programming, Second Edition will get you started programming 3D graphics for games using the OpenGL API. Revised to work with the latest version of OpenGL, OpenGL 3.0, this book is perfect for programmers who are new to game development or new to OpenGL. New skills and concepts are taught using step-by-step instructions, with end-of-chapter exercises for testing and reinforcement. From creating a simple OpenGL application, to applying texture mapping, and even displaying 2D fonts, you'll find complete yet concise coverage of all the newest features of OpenGL as they apply to 3D graphics for game development. And by the end of the book, you'll be able to apply your new-found knowledge of OpenGL to create your very own games.

About the Authors

Luke Benstead has been programming OpenGL and C++ for 7 years. He graduated from the University of Portsmouth in 2002 with a Bsc(hons) Degree in Multimedia Programming and an HND in Software Engineering. At Portsmouth he was also awarded the Climax Prize for Best Interactive Technology Project for an OpenGL modeling application. Luke is an active member of the community and co-maintainer of He currently works as a software developer in London.

Kevin Hawkins received a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and master’s degree in Software Engineering from Embry-Riddle University. He is currently the Technical Director of Software Engineering at Raydon Corporation. Along with Dave, Kevin is co-founder of and co-author of the first edition of Beginning OpenGL Game Programming and More OpenGL Game Programming.

Dave Astle has been involved in the world of game development for over a decade. Currently, he’s a staff engineer and technology evangelist in the Advanced Content Group at QUALCOMM, Inc. He cofounded, where he currently serves as CEO and Executive Director. He co-authored the first edition of Beginning OpenGL Game Programming, OpenGL Game Programming, More OpenGL Game Programming, and OpenGL ES Game Development, contributed to several other game development books, and speaks regularly at industry conferences, including the Game Developers Conference. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Utah.

In this Book

  • The Exploration Begins … Again
  • Creating a Simple OpenGL Application
  • OpenGL States and Primitives
  • Transformations and Matrices
  • OpenGL Extensions
  • Moving to a Programmable Pipeline
  • Texture Mapping
  • Lighting, Blending, and Fog
  • More on Texture Mapping
  • Improving Your Performance
  • Displaying Text
  • OpenGL Buffers
  • The Endgame