Binge Marketing: The best scenario for building your brand

  • 2h 11m
  • Carlijn Postma
  • LID Publishing Ltd
  • 2020

How do you build a brand in a time of information overload where the media are so fragmented that you can barely get the attention of your audience? And how do you ensure that everyone tells the same story on all those channels? Carlijn Postma takes you to the place where content is the product and where people know how to attract and retain an audience: Hollywood.

Binge Marketing is not another stuffy marketing book, but a refreshing look at marketing in the 21st century. With this advice handed to you in this book, you can be sure that people will want to listen to your story. Not just one episode, but as a loyal and committed reader, viewer or listener. Compare your brand with the scenario of a very good television series and consider every single statement and marketing activity you put out there as an episode of that series. As a true showrunner you can build on your own loyal and involved audience.

About the Author

Carlijn Postma is the owner of content marketing agency The Post and chairman of Platform Content. In 2017 she was awarded Content Marketing Woman of the year. Previously she published Business Twitter for Beginners (2010) and Content Marketing in 60 minutes (2014). She has also published articles for the American Content Marketing Institute and speaks at various conferences worldwide.

In this Book

  • How It all Began
  • The Pilot for the Evolution
  • A New Mindset
  • ShowRunners Instead of Marketing Directors
  • Why, Why, Why?
  • Your Own TV Series
  • Seasons and Episodes
  • A Large Universe
  • Three-Dimensional Brand Guidelines
  • Target Group versus Audience
  • The Hero's Journey
  • The Audience's Journey
  • Your Reward
  • Formats
  • Create Series
  • Content Mapping and Distribution
  • Find, Retain and Activate
  • A New Dawn