Building a Millionaire Mindset: How to Use the Pillars of Entrepreneurship to Gain, Maintain, and Sustain Long-Lasting Wealth

  • 3h 5m
  • Johnny Wimbrey
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2021

From teenage felon to multi-millionaire in a just few short years after implementing his millionaire mindset principles.

The meteoric rise of Johnny Wimbrey is one of the great rags-to-riches / tragedy to triumph tales of our time. By seizing control of his life and developing a brand-new mindset, Wimbrey gave up the hard-core streets and a world of drugs, created a business that’s now worth over nine-figures, and is presently living the life of a multi-millionaire with his family. Now, in Building a Millionaire Mindset, he provides the knowledge, tools, and insights you need to achieve your dreams—life-changing advice you can take to the bank, including:

  • Participating in Your Own Rescue
  • Being Busy versus Being Productive
  • Realizing Someone Else's Mentality isn't Your Reality
  • Becoming a Friend to Your Future Self
  • Controlling Your Emotion
  • Execute Versus Excuse
  • Banishing Your Inner Try-baby
  • Getting Off Your "But"

Building a Millionaire Mindset avoids the overwhelmingly complex or pie-in-the sky approach of other books by providing a “building block” approach to entrepreneurial success: Each chapter provides a task you must complete before moving on.

Entrepreneurs like you have opportunities and access to the technology and information past generations never imagined. And now you have access to the secrets of one of today’s top entrepreneurs. Building a Millionaire Mindset delivers the mindset you need to launch your business to the million-dollar mark in no time flat.

About the Author

Johnny Wimbrey is a speaker, author, trainer, and motivator who works with sales teams, high-profile athletes, politicians, and other influencers around the world. After leaving behind a world of drugs and crime at 18, he launched three companies―Wimbrey Training Systems, Wimbrey Global, and Royal Success Club International―and now heads high-level leaders and a sales team of thousands in more than 50 countries, overseeing an active customer database of half a million families.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Participating in Your Own Rescue
  • Finding a Mentor
  • Establishing Accountability
  • Setting Your Goals
  • Being Busy versus Being Productive
  • Avoiding Permanent Solutions for Temporary Situations
  • Being a Wish Maker or a Risk Taker
  • Realizing Someone Else’s Mentality isn’t Your Reality
  • Finding the Fear
  • Conducting a Self-Inventory to Find Your Friends and Foes
  • Determining Your Instigators, Spectators, and Participators
  • Becoming a Friend to Your Future Self—Mentally and Physically
  • Staying in Position
  • Embracing Your New Points of No Return
  • Eating off One Plate at a Time
  • Executing Instead of Excusing
  • Banishing Your Inner Try-Baby
  • Getting off Your “But”
  • Conclusion