C# 4.0: The Complete Reference

  • 15h 51m
  • Herbert Schildt
  • McGraw-Hill/Osborne
  • 2010

Bestselling author Herb Schildt has updated and expanded his classic programming reference to cover C# 4.0--the latest release of this powerful, feature-rich language. Using carefully crafted explanations, insider tips, and hundreds of examples, C# 4.0: The Complete Reference offers in-depth details on all aspects of C#, including keywords, syntax, and core libraries. New C# 4.0 features, such as named and optional arguments, the dynamic type, expanded covariance and contravariance capabilities, and support for parallel programming with the Task Parallel Library (TPL) and PLINQ are also discussed.

Perfect for beginners and professional C# programmers alike, this expert resource is written in the clear, crisp, uncompromising style that has made Herb the choice of millions worldwide. Begin mastering C# 4.0 today with help from this authoritative volume!

Coverage includes:

  • Data types and operators
  • Control statements
  • Classes and objects
  • Constructors, destructors, and methods
  • Interfaces, arrays, enumerations, and structures
  • Method and operator overloading
  • Inheritance and virtual methods
  • Reflection and runtime type ID
  • Exception handling
  • Delegates, properties, events, and indexers
  • Attributes
  • Multithreading and the Task Parallel Library
  • Generics
  • LINQ and PLINQ
  • Lambda expressions
  • Anonymous types
  • Extension methods
  • Named and optional arguments
  • Implicitly typed variables
  • I/O, networking, and collections
  • The preprocessor and much, much more

About the Author

Herbert Schildt is a leading authority on C#, C++, C, and Java. His programming books have sold millions of copies worldwide and have been translated into all major languages. Herb is the author of numerous bestsellers, including Java: The Complete Reference, C++: The Complete Reference, C: The Complete Reference; and Java: a Beginner's Guide.

In this Book

  • The Creation of C#
  • An Overview of C#
  • Data Types, Literals, and Variables
  • Operators
  • Program Control Statements
  • Introducing Classes and Objects
  • Arrays and Strings
  • A Closer Look at Methods and Classes
  • Operator Overloading
  • Indexers and Properties
  • Inheritance
  • Interfaces, Structures, and Enumerations
  • Exception Handling
  • Using I/O
  • Delegates, Events, and Lambda Expressions
  • Namespaces, the Preprocessor, and Assemblies
  • Runtime Type ID, Reflection, and Attributes
  • Generics
  • LINQ
  • Unsafe Code, Pointers, Nullable Types, Dynamic Types, and Miscellaneous Topics
  • Exploring the System Namespace
  • Strings and Formatting
  • Multithreaded Programming, Part One
  • Multithreading, Part Two: Exploring the Task Parallel Library and PLINQ
  • Collections, Enumerators, and Iterators
  • Networking Through the Internet Using System.Net