Ca$hvertising: How to Use More than 100 Secrets of Ad-Agency Psychology to Make Big Money Selling Anything to Anyone

  • 3h 28m
  • Drew Eric Whitman
  • Career Press, Inc.
  • 2009

FACT: Your brain is being controlled-and you don't even know it. Because if you think the ads you're seeing today are just pretty pictures with nice, creative copy, you're mistaken. Truth is, you are being powerfully influenced by dozens of proven scientific principles of advertising psychology... little-known techniques of consumer persuasion that go completely unnoticed by the buying public. And they're causing you-and millions like you-to spend enormous amounts of money every day on countless products and services. But what are these principles? How do they work? And how can you use them in your own advertising?

Prepare yourself for a unique learning experience as author Drew Eric Whitman takes you on a wild, roller-coaster ride through the streets of New York's famed Madison Avenue and teaches you the specific psychological techniques that today's top copywriters and designers use to influence the masses... and how you can use them to rapidly increase your sales, no matter what you sell.

In 207 fast-moving pages, Whitman teaches you dozens of well-guarded secrets that he learned during his 25+ years in the ad business, including:

  • 60% of people read only your headline and what to do about it
  • Captions under photos get 200% greater readership than non-headline copy
  • Ads with sale prices draw 20% more attention
  • To double your ad's attention-getting value, you must enlarge it 400%
  • Four-color ads are up to 45% more effective than black and white
  • Prices ending in "95" are less effective than those ending in "99"
  • The psychology of size... page positioning... typefaces... proof... and color
  • How to make people believe what you say
  • How to persuade people to respond
  • Effective tricks for writing psychologically potent headlines
  • What mistakes to avoid at all costs
  • What you should always/never do in your ads
  • Expert formulas, guidance, tips and strategies
  • And much more.

About the Author

Most people determine their career path in high school or college, but Drew Eric Whitman—a.k.a. “Dr. Direct!”—couldn’t wait to get started. He began creating advertising at age 11 by writing and designing direct-response catalogs of jokes, gags, and novelties. Complete with product illustrations, order forms, and postage charts, he distributed them to his 5th grade classmates by the armful and collected cash orders in equal abundance. Although his teachers did not encourage Drew’s entrepreneurial spirit (they would have preferred that he had done his homework rather than sold whoopee cushions), it marked the beginning of an exciting career in the wacky and wonderful world of creative writing and advertising.

Many years later, after extensive experience in face-to-face selling of everything from printing to clothing and jewelry to real estate, a degree in advertising from Temple University started the ball rolling. Today, Drew is an outspoken, humorous, and philosophical advertising trainer and writer. He worked for the direct-response division of the largest ad-agency in Philadelphia. He was also senior direct response copywriter for one of the largest direct-to-the-consumer insurance companies in the world. He created powerfully effective advertising for companies ranging from small retail shops to giant, multi-million dollar corporations. His work has been used by many of the largest and most successful companies and organizations in the United States including American Automobile Association, Advertising Specialty Institute, American Legion, Amoco, Faber-Castell, Texaco, Day-Timers, and many others.

Drew is co-author of The $50,000 Business Makeover Marathon and developer/producer of the nationally acclaimed CA$HVERTISING crash-course advertising seminar.

In this Book

  • What People Really Want
  • How to Get Inside Their Heads—The 17 Foundational Principles of Consumer Psychology
  • Ad-Agency Secrets—41 Proven Techniques for Selling Anything to Anyone
  • Hot Lists—101 Easy Ways to Boost Your Ad Response
  • Epilogue