Career Management for Life

  • 15h 16m
  • Gerard A. Callanan, Jeffrey H. Greenhaus, Veronica M. Godshalk
  • Taylor and Francis
  • 2019

Career Management for Life provides students and employees with an integrative approach to managing their careers on an ongoing basis to achieve a satisfying balance between their work and their family responsibilities, community involvement, and personal interests. The career management model guides individuals through the different phases of their career from figuring out what their first job should be right to navigating the road to retirement.

Expert authors Greenhaus, Callanan, and Godshalk bring their wealth of research experience to the book and demonstrate the individual and organizational sides of career management, allowing an appreciation of both. This material is well balanced by a set of practical tools, including self-assessments, case studies, and recommended interviews. The new edition also includes:

  • An emphasis on attaining work-life balance, a topic that is of growing concern to workers at all stages of their careers.
  • An updated focus on today’s career contexts and stages.
  • Material on technology and social media, now integrated throughout the book, to reflect the growing importance of these tools in career management and development.
  • A chapter on international careers, helping individuals face a globalized world.
  • Greater emphasis on alternative career paths, reflecting the newest trends and helping individuals understand all the different career options available to them.

This rich and engaging book will help individuals understand themselves better, which in turn allows them to understand what they really want out of their career. Those taking (or offering) classes in career management or career development will come to rely on this book for years to follow.

About the Authors

Jeffrey H. Greenhaus is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Management at Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business, Philadelphia, PA, USA. He has published extensively in the areas of career management and the work-life interface, and, along with Gerry Callanan, co-edited the Encyclopedia of Career Development.

Gerard A. Callanan is Professor of Management in the School of Business at West Chester University, West Chester, PA, USA. His research on a variety of management topics has appeared in a number of scholarly publications. He is co-editor (with Jeff Greenhaus) of the Encyclopedia of Career Development.

Veronica M. Godshalk is Professor of Management at the Pennsylvania State University in Media, PA, USA. Her research and publications focus on careers, mentoring and plateauing, as well as pedagogically-oriented topics. Dr. Godshalk is Program Coordinator for Penn State’s online BS in Business program.

In this Book

  • Introduction to the Study of Careers
  • Career Contexts and Stages
  • Work–Life Challenges and Opportunities: Implications for Career Management
  • A Model of Career Management
  • Applications of the Career Management Model: A Guide to Career Exploration
  • Applications of the Career Management Model: Goals, Strategies, and Appraisal
  • Choosing Occupations and Organizations
  • The Early Career Stage: Establishment and Achievement
  • The Middle and Late Career Stages: Career Challenges for Seasoned Employees
  • Job Stress and Careers
  • Workforce Diversity and Career Management
  • Entrepreneurial Careers
  • International Careers
  • The Role of Strategic Human Resource Management Systems in Career Management
  • Closing Thoughts on Career Management


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