Chaos Engineering

  • 7h 17m
  • Casey Rosenthal
  • Manning Publications
  • 2021

As more companies move toward microservices and other distributed technologies, the complexity of these systems increases. You can't remove the complexity, but through Chaos Engineering you can discover vulnerabilities and prevent outages before they impact your customers. This practical guide shows engineers how to navigate complex systems while optimizing to meet business goals.

Two of the field's prominent figures, Casey Rosenthal and Nora Jones, pioneered the discipline while working together at Netflix. In this book, they expound on the what, how, and why of Chaos Engineering while facilitating a conversation from practitioners across industries. Many chapters are written by contributing authors to widen the perspective across verticals within (and beyond) the software industry.

  • Learn how Chaos Engineering enables your organization to navigate complexity
  • Explore a methodology to avoid failures within your application, network, and infrastructure
  • Move from theory to practice through real-world stories from industry experts at Google, Microsoft, Slack, and LinkedIn, among others
  • Establish a framework for thinking about complexity within software systems
  • Design a Chaos Engineering program around game days and move toward highly targeted, automated experiments
  • Learn how to design continuous collaborative chaos experiments

In this Book

  • Into the World of Chaos Engineering
  • First Cup of Chaos and Blast Radius
  • Observability
  • Database Trouble and Testing in Production
  • Poking Docker
  • Who You Gonna Call? Syscall-Busters!
  • Injecting Failure into the JVM
  • Application-Level Fault Injection
  • There’s a Monkey in My Browser!
  • Chaos in Kubernetes
  • Automating Kubernetes Experiments
  • Under the Hood of Kubernetes
  • Chaos Engineering (for) People