Cloud Native Architecture and Design: A Handbook for Modern Day Architecture and Design with Enterprise-Grade Examples

  • 8h 38m
  • Shivakumar R Goniwada
  • Apress
  • 2022

Cloud Native Architecture and Design begins by explaining the fundamentals of cloud-native architecture and services, what cloud principles and patterns to use, and details of designing a cloud-native element.

The book progresses to cover the details of how IT systems can modernize to embrace cloud-native architecture, and also provides details of various enterprise assessment techniques to decide what systems can move and cannot move into the cloud.

Architecting and designing a cloud-native system isn’t possible without modernized software engineering principles, the culture of automation, and the culture of innovation. As such, this book covers the details of cloud-native software engineering methodologies, and process, and how to adopt an automated governance approach across enterprises with the adoption of artificial intelligence.

Finally, you need your cloud-native applications to run efficiently; this section covers the details of containerization, orchestration, and virtualization in the public, private, and hybrid clouds.

What You Will Learn

  • Discover cloud-native principles and patterns, and how you can leverage them to solve your business problems
  • Gain the techniques and concepts you need to adapt to design a cloud-native application
  • Use assessment techniques and tools for IT modernization
  • Apply cloud-native engineering principles to the culture of automation and culture of innovation
  • Harness the techniques and tools to run your cloud-native applications and automate infrastructure
  • Operate your cloud-native applications by using AI techniques and zero operation techniques

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Cloud Native Architecture
  • Chapter 2: Cloud Native Services
  • Chapter 3: Cloud Native Architecture Principles
  • Chapter 4: Cloud Native Architecture and Design Patterns
  • Chapter 5: Microservices Architecture and Design
  • Chapter 6: Event-Driven Architecture
  • Chapter 7: Serverless Architecture
  • Chapter 8: Cloud Native Data Architecture
  • Chapter 9: Designing for “-ilities”
  • Chapter 10: Modernize Monolithic Applications to Cloud Native
  • Chapter 11: Enterprise IT Assessment for a Cloud Native Journey
  • Chapter 12: “-ilities” Fitness Function
  • Chapter 13: Enterprise Cloud Native Software Engineering
  • Chapter 14: Enterprise Cloud Native Automation
  • Chapter 15: AI-Driven Development
  • Chapter 16: Containerization and Virtualization
  • Chapter 17: Infrastructure Automation
  • Chapter 18: Intelligent Operations
  • Chapter 19: Observability
  • Chapter 20: Cloud Native Trends