Coach Yourself to Win: Seven Steps to Breakthrough Performance on the Job and in Your Life

  • 3h 50m
  • Howard M. Guttman
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2011

A proven process for changing the way you behave--used by a renowned executive coach for more than 25 years

Are you able, ready, and willing to permanently change your behavior?

Permanently replacing deeply ingrained behaviors with new ones is one of the hardest challenges to overcome. But in Coach Yourself to Win, master executive coach Howard Guttman combines his own expert insight and deep extensive coaching experience to create a step-by-step process that you can follow to change the behaviors that have been holding you back from what you truly want.

Unlike many self-help books offering advice on how to improve either your career or your personal life, Coach Yourself to Win bridges the two worlds in order to help you improve your performance--whether you're earning your living or living your life.

Coach Yourself to Win is written for the vast number of people who seek to create a new future for themselves. To help you achieve breakthrough performance on the job and in your life, you will learn to master a practical, tested self-coaching process that will enable you to:

  • Clarify, set, and stay committed to realistic intentions
  • Zero in on what holds you back
  • Find the support you've been lacking
  • Develop a path for change
  • Evaluate yourself along the way
  • Make necessary corrections to your plan
  • Realize your intention to achieve a "new you"

Coach Yourself to Win provides an easy-to-follow seven-step plan that will generate lasting, positive change in your professional and personal life.

About the Author

Howard M. Guttman is founder and principal of Guttman Development Strategies, Inc., (GDS) a management consulting firm specializing in executive coaching, building high-performance teams, strategic and organizational alignment, and management-development training. Leadership Excellence magazine has named Guttman to its list of "Excellence 100 Top Thought Leaders." He is the author of Great Business Teams and When Goliaths Clash.

In this Book

  • Introduction Ready, Set—Now Coach Yourself to Win
  • Can you Coach Yourself to Win?
  • Setting your Intention
  • Choosing your Traveling Companions
  • What’s the Message?
  • How Should you Respond?
  • Mapping your Route
  • Getting and Staying There