Communication, Relationships and Practices in Virtual Work

  • 9h 52m
  • Shawn D. Long
  • IGI Global
  • 2010

Organizations are rapidly shifting the way that individuals conceptualize, participate, and engage in work. A significant change is how organizations are coordinating, arranging, and organizing the activities of their employees for the accomplishments of organizational goals.

Communication, Relationships, and Practices in Virtual Work characterizes the nuanced communication, relational, and practical dynamics that characterize virtual working in contemporary organizations. This reference work addresses virtual teams, peer relationships in virtual work, mentoring, vertical mobility, diversity in the virtual workspace, productivity and the postmodern aesthetic, and the communication practices and processes of dispersed work configurations.

In this Book

  • Communication, Relationships and Practices in Virtual Work
  • Preface
  • Examining Tensions in Telework Policies
  • Communication, Structural Links, and Conflict in Three Inter-Organizational Virtual Collaborations
  • Online Teaching as Virtual Work in the New (Political) Economy
  • The Ethical Implications of the Virtual Work Environment
  • The Electronic Panopticon: Organizational Surveillance in Virtual Work
  • Virtual Team Identity Construction and Boundary Maintenance
  • Temporary Virtual Teams: An Empirical Examination of Team Development
  • Status and Influence Processes in Virtual Teams and Mobile Collaborations
  • Sense of Community in Professional Virtual Communities
  • Virtual Mentoring
  • Politics in Virtual Work
  • The Amplification of Power Dynamics in Virtual Work
  • Engineers’ Perceptions of Relational Limitations Intrinsic to Virtual Work
  • Power and Trust in the Virtual Workplace: Team Development as Communities-of-Practice
  • Structuring a Local Virtual Work Ecology for a Collaborative, Multi-Institutional Higher Educational Project: A Case Study
  • Aided System of Competence Management for Virtual Team Building Adapted to Specific Needs of Design Projects
  • Compilation of References


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