Competency-Based Performance Reviews: How to Perform Employee Evaluations the Fortune 500 Way

  • 2h 42m
  • Robin Kessler
  • Career Press, Inc.
  • 2008

Managers working in today’s organizations often focus more on results than on the people who achieve those results. But regularly evaluating the performance of your employees is critical to improving the efficiency and output of your organization.

Performance reviews have changed significantly in the past few years. Companies today are looking for the key characteristics, known as competencies, that help the most successful people in their field to be so successful. Managers and employees need to focus on those competencies, especially during performance review discussions.

Competency-Based Performance Reviews offers you a new and more effective way to handle performance reviews and to coach your employees to emphasize the knowledge, skills, and abilities that they have and the organization needs. Most sophisticated U.S. and international employers are using competency-based systems to select, interview, and evaluate the performance of employees. Fortune 500 corporations such as American Express, Anheuser Busch, Coca-Cola, Disney, Federal Express, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer are all looking for specific competencies.

This book will give you the guidance you need to:

  • Perform competency-based reviews on your employees.
  • Help your team get the recognition they deserve in division meetings by providing the evidence to justify higher performance rankings.
  • Develop your own competencies—and those of your employees.
  • Coach employees to recognize competency-based accomplishments and advocate for themselves throughout the year.
  • Write smarter, targeted competency-based accomplishment statements to use on performance review forms.

By putting these competency-based performance reviews into practice, managers can strengthen their organziations, their careers, as well as the careers of their employees. Competency-Based Performance Reviews includes sample phrases to use on reviews, as well as sample accomplishment statements to guide employees to improving and writing their own.

About the Author

Robin Kessler is president of The Interview Coach, a human resources and career consulting firm based in Houston; she also teaches Interviewing Skills, Training and Development, Organization Communication, and Writing for Presentations as an adjunct professor for the University of Houston—Downtown. Robin has more than 20 years of experience improving interviews, presentations, and organization communication as a human resources professional, consultant, and career coach. She is the author of two other books, Competency-Based Resumes and Competency-Based Interviews, which were the first books giving candidates and employees the information to communicate more effectively in competency-based organizations. She has been a guest speaker at national and international conferences, and has been interviewed for newspapers, magazines, and radio and television programs. Robin received her BA and MBA (MM) from Northwestern University.

In this Book

  • Understand the Basics of Competency-Based Performance Reviews
  • Get Ready for Better Competency-Based Performance Reviews
  • Coach Your Employees Toward Better Performance Reviews
  • Think Differently to Improve Your Coaching
  • Encourage Your Employees to Write Competency-Based Accomplishment Statements
  • Write Strong and Effective Competency-Based Performance Appraisals
  • Set Better Goals and Develop Your Employees
  • Prepare for Better Competency-Based Performance Review Discussions
  • Understand the Legal Issues with Performance Appraisal
  • Manage Different Personalities Toward Better Performance
  • Learn From Competency-Based Performance Review Case Studies
  • Actively Manage Competency-Based Careers
  • Notes