Confessions of a Corporate Trainer: An Insider Tells All

  • 3h 9m
  • Jonathan Halls
  • Association for Talent Development
  • 2019

Embrace the Gritty Reality of Training

Ever watched half your class stomp out on you? Fallen asleep facilitating a creativity workshop? Planned a bulletproof lesson plan, then dropped it 10 minutes after you started? Don't worry―it's fine to confess.

If you have faced a surprise in the training room, chances are Jonathan Halls has seen it, too. As a result, he doesn't pretend to be a shiny happy trainer anymore; his 25-plus years of training and facilitating in 25 countries have taught him not to stress over a less-than-flawless class―and helped him focus less on himself and more on letting his learners shine.

In Confessions of a Corporate Trainer: An Insider Tells All, Jonathan tells relatable and charming stories of what corporate training is really about, drawing from his highly rated train-the-trainer workshops and hundreds of honest conversations with like-minded trainers.

He recounts the curveball he was thrown midway through a change management workshop in Zagreb, Croatia―and how it showed him the futility of overplanning. He shares the time a fire alarm disrupted a training program he led in Washington, D.C., and how he embraced the interruption. And he reflects on what conspires to knock trainers off their game (psst: demanding clients, heavy workloads, and frequent travel are only a few of the culprits).

Discover the gritty reality of training. Confessions of a Corporate Trainer will entertain you, challenge you, and remind you why you as a trainer are so important in today's workplace.

About the Author

Jonathan Halls has taught media and learning for more than 20 years. He was a learning executive at the BBC, where he ran the corporation’s prestigious production training department. Jonathan has taught thousands of media professionals around the globe who work in newspapers, radio, and television. Today, he is principal of Jonathan Halls & Associates and also is an adjunct professor at George Washington University. He is active in the ASTD community. Jonathan divides his time between teaching media for nonmedia professionals and running workshops on leadership and change.

In this Book

  • The Myth of the Shiny Happy Trainer
  • Learning Takes Practice
  • I Don't Try to be a Good Presenter Anymore
  • It's Easy To Forget Why They Hired Us
  • Planning Isn't What It's Cracked Up to be
  • Plan to Dump Your Plan, But Never Leave Home Without It
  • It's Not Just What You Do
  • Training Doesn't Suck, But They Don'T Know That
  • Grab the Oxygen Mask: Sustaining Your Mojo
  • Travel: Taming the Unfriendly Skies and Inhospitable Hotels
  • Remaining Clear-Headed When the Next Trend Strikes
  • A Trainer's Crystal Ball