Conflict in Organizational Groups: New Directions in Theory and Practice

  • 6h 46m
  • Kristin J. Behfar, Leigh L. Thompson (eds)
  • Kogan Page
  • 2007

Based on conference presentations held at the Kellogg School of Management, this book reveals the latest international thinking on organizational conflict in the business sector. It tackles complex questions about conflict, such as whether it is always considered negative or if there are situations where it can be positive, and presents advances in theory and methodology to challenge current thinking. Divided into two parts, Part One presents new advancements in measuring the relationship between individual members and group conflict; Part two explores the variables that affect the nature of group process and performance. Demonstrating how conflict can work for and against performance, this book will enable you to understand and manage it effectively in your organization. By nurturing the good aspects and suppressing the bad, you will encourage an effective organizational group, which will ultimately lead to a more productive and profitable workforce.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Conflict within and between Organizational Groups—Functional, Dysfunctional, and Quasifunctional Perspectives
  • Garnering the Benefits of Conflict—The Role of Diversity and Status Distance in Groups
  • Group Heterogeneity and Faultlines—Comparing Alignment and Dispersion Theories of Group Composition
  • Does One Rotten Apple Spoil the Barrel? Using a Configuration Approach to Assess the Conflict-Inducing Effects of a High-Neuroticism Team Member
  • Selective Consequences of War
  • Group Conflict as an Emergent State—Temporal Issues in the Conceptualization and Measurement of Disagreement
  • Conflict and Autonomy in Teams—Integration and New Directions for Research
  • The Differential Effects of Trust and Respect on Team Conflict
  • Confronting Members Who Break Norms—The Influence on Team Effectiveness
  • Intervening in Intrateam Conflict


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