Conscious Accountability: Deepen Connections, Elevate Results

  • 4h 35m
  • Daryn H. David, David C. Tate, Marianne S. Pantalon
  • Association for Talent Development
  • 2022

Elevate Your Work and Relationships Through Conscious Accountability

Results and relationships—managers and leaders no longer have to prioritize one over the other to build a culture of exceptional accountability. You don’t have to choose between being the hard-charging task master and being the easy-going people pleaser. By expanding your awareness to create deliberate intentions, take informed actions, and be responsible for your impact, you can achieve better business outcomes and experience greater satisfaction in doing so.

In Conscious Accountability, Yale faculty, psychologists, and leadership consultants David C. Tate, Marianne S. Pantalon, and Daryn H. David invite you to think about yourself and your working relationships more completely and integrate a practice of conscious accountability in your daily life. A forward-thinking approach to realizing organizational and team goals, conscious accountability can help you move beyond traditional ways of engaging with your employees, team members, and peers. The impact will be transformative.

To help you develop the skills and the mindsets of conscious accountability, this book introduces a straightforward and powerful CONNECT framework that gives you the tools you need to better relate to everyone in your professional (and personal) life, build trust, and motivate yourself and your colleagues for greater outcomes. Step up your game by following the seven practices of conscious accountability—creating clarity, opening up engagement, nailing it, noticing, exchanging feedback, claiming it, and trying again. You will connect more closely to others, put people in a position to succeed, elevate and distinguish yourself, and generate excellence everywhere you turn.

About the Author

David C. Tate, is a licensed clinical psychologist and an assistant clinical professor in psychiatry at Yale University in the Yale School of Medicine and a lecturer in the Yale School of Management. His areas of practice in organizational consulting include coaching and leadership development, conflict resolution, team building, succession planning, and promoting healthy organizational development. David is a co-author of Sink or Swim: How Lessons from the Titanic Can Save Your Family Business. He earned a certificate in family business advising from the Family Firm Institute and serves as the facilitator for the National Association of Corporate Directors Connecticut Chapter’s Family Business Roundtable. He also is the co-founder of the Connecticut Consulting Psychology Group.

Marianne Pantalon, is a licensed clinical psychologist and executive coach. She is the co-founder and COO of the Center for Progressive Recovery and a senior facilitator at the Interpersonal and Group Dynamics Program at Yale University School of Management. As the chair of the CT Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program, Marianne enjoys promoting the growth of psychologically healthy practices in the workforce of Connecticut. She is also an experienced instructional designer.

Daryn H. David, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist, educator, and leadership development coach. At the Yale School of Medicine, she holds a faculty appointment at the Child Study Center and serves as associate director for leadership development in the Offices of Academic & Professional Development and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. Through dynamic pedagogy and coaching programs, Daryn leverages her expertise to help academics and healthcare providers actualize their fullest professional potential. She further promotes the university’s educational mission by coaching within the Yale Greenberg World Fellows Program. Daryn holds an AB from Harvard University and PhD in psychology from Yale University. She completed a postdoctoral science policy fellowship at the National Institutes of Health and maintains a psychotherapy and coaching practice devoted to women professionals.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Rethinking Accountability
  • Becoming More Aware
  • The Power of Conscious Accountability
  • Creating Clarity
  • Opening Up Engagement
  • Nailing It
  • Noticing
  • Exchanging Feedback
  • Claiming It
  • Trying Again
  • Putting It All Together
  • Challenges to Implementation
  • A World of Conscious Accountability
  • References


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